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Criminal Records:

Find out if someone has a Criminal Record, was ever Arrested, Incarcerated, has an active Warrant, has DUI/DWI, was charged for a Misdemeanor, is a Sex Offender.

Marriage/Divorce Records:

Find out if the person was married and whether divorced with details about both events.

Contact Information:

Person's Address and Address History, Phone Number(s), Email Address, Social Profiles.

Asset Records:

Find out if the person owns an Automobile, Property, Land, Aircraft, Vessel or if the person owns a Business.

Bankruptcy Records:

Find out if the person filed for Bankruptcy.

Legal Judgments:

Find out if the person has legal judgments or was ever Sued.

Birth Records:

Find out where the person was Born.

Personal Details:

Education information, Income, Age, Relatives, Occupation and Marital Status.

Complete Background checks & Records

An essential part of the hiring process whether you’re looking to land a new job or doing the hiring is the background check. This verifies that any information is accurate but it also makes sure that any discrepancies don’t stay hidden. Background checks are crucially important because most employers require a background screening prior to any offers and it’s something that every company should do with each potential employee. At Affordable Background Checks we believe that no one should be unable to perform necessary background checks because the cost is too high. We work tirelessly to offer you complete and extensive background checks at the most affordable price while also maintaining the highest quality results.

Accurate Services Guaranteed

Affordable Background Checks’ massive database will help you find the results you’re looking for on anyone. We compile results from numerous sources and give you a complete report containing everything you need to know like:

  • Criminal Records- find if someone has a criminal record, was ever incarcerated or arrested, active warrants, misdemeanor charges or is a sex offender
  • Marriage/Divorce Records- find out if they’ve been married or divorced with details about both
  • Contact Information- address, address history, phone numbers, email and social media profiles
  • Asset Records- find if they own an automobile, property, land, aircrafts, vessels or if they own a business
  • Bankruptcy Records- find if the person has filed for bankruptcy
  • Legal Judgments- find out if they’ve had legal judgments or have ever been sued
  • Birth Records- see where they were born
  • Personal Details- education information, income, age, relatives, occupation and marital status

Our People Finder will help you locate the person you’re looking for instantly with the highest accuracy possible.

Everything You Need

A background check is one of the most important parts of any hiring process. This verifies any information and will also make sure that no discrepancies stay hidden for long. At Affordable Background Checks we believe that no one should be unable to perform background checks because the price is too high. We strive to offer you complete and extensive background checks at an affordable price that doesn’t sacrifice the quality of your results.

Our services cover everything from:

No matter what type of service you need Affordable Background Checks can get the job done fast and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. Let us take the work and hassles out of background checks and help make your job an easy one.