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Background Check Report

When a Candidate with a Negative Background Check Report Can Be Hired

Background checks can be a helpful tool for employers to avoid risky candidates in the hiring process. However, it raises some questions about whether or not a negative background check will keep an employer from hiring the prospective employee. The answers to these questions are not simple, and in many cases depend upon the employer’s judgment. Fortunately for candidates with a less-than-desirable background check result, they have rights too; there is some information in background checks that may … Read More

Private Data Extraction

Do Background Check Reports Contain Personal Details?

The uncertainty that looms in the processes of online dating or hiring new employees can leave one vulnerable to potential risk of disaster; it can be difficult to know who you can trust both in your personal life or professional capacity. Fortunately, advancements in technology have afforded us the ability to be more certain of who we are dating or dealing with on a daily basis, and what potential risks, if any, we should be aware of. Background checks often … Read More

Checking Background Check Report

I Got the Background Check Report. Now What?

There are a variety of reasons why someone may want to perform a background check, and depending on your goals, the reason for the report will dictate what you are to do with the results. For instance, if you are an online dater and find yourself falling in love with someone you’ve never met in-person, you may feel inclined to know more about his or her life before getting serious—potential arrests, marriages, divorces, financial situation, occupation, educational history, etc. … Read More

Smartphone Dating

Background Check Tips for Online Dating

Nowadays the ways to meet the love of your life are changing; no longer do we look to our left at a red light and sparks fly at first sight, or grab the same package of meat in the supermarket by accident and wind up married a year later. Why waste time dating in the “real world” when we can find someone who matches our own personality perfectly online? Dating apps and sites tailor the pool of daters to our … Read More

Job Search

I Have a Criminal Record: Will I Get a Job?

People make mistakes; having any kind of criminal past does not always lead to a jobless future, even though hope seems to diminish for this population once they feel disowned and disregarded by society. Finding a job is reliant upon many factors that include one’s personality, dedication, reliability, and attitude. Criminal past does not yield automatic denial from all employers, but it is important to understand a company’s basis for not wanting to risk hiring individuals with criminal histories, … Read More

Teacher Teaching Students

Do Schools Need to Do Background Checks on Teachers?

In recent years, school safety has become a huge concern for parents and administrators alike. However, protecting students from outsiders or other students is not the only concern for communities. Teacher misconduct is one of the many potentially damaging factors in any school setting. One may wonder how teachers are selected for employment, and the answer is not very simple; each state has a different process for hiring teachers and differing requirements for employment of educators. Therefore, it is not … Read More

Casino Employee Theft

Casino Employee Theft and How Background Checks Can Prevent It

Some of the qualities that come to mind when hiring employees are: honesty, reliability, dependability, efficiency, and loyalty. While these qualities are important in any new-hire situation, they can be particularly important depending on the nature of a job. One such instance is hiring employees to work at casinos. Casino employee theft is a huge issue in the industry; it doesn’t just happen in those fancy movies about elaborate heists—it happens everyday, in real life. Hiring new employees always … Read More

Retail Employee Background Check

Importance of Background Checks on Retail Employees

The process of hiring new employees is daunting for any business owner or manager; it brings up legal and ethical concerns that normally one may never consider. We all want to be able to trust our fellow man, and in everyday settings, we may. However, when the quality and efficiency of a business lies in our hands, it is always better to be safe than sorry. The hiring process for new employees is rigorous; it involves interviewing, screening, training, and … Read More

Employee Resume Checking

Common Resume Lies Job-Seekers Make

In today’s competitive business world, it is difficult to find a job working anywhere unless one has a significant college degree; in other words, you better have at least a Bachelor’s degree. Unfortunately, many individuals do not possess the resources to attend college, nor do they have any other means of supporting their families. This is where resume fraud tends to appear in the workplace. When applying for a new job, prospective employees are looking to stand out and … Read More

Rental Agreement

Why Property Owners Should Do Background Checks on Tenants

If you own or manage a property, than you are familiar with all the struggles that come with the territory. While it can be a prestigious business and often very lucrative for those who are fortunate enough to own property, it is not always easy, as you may imagine. Especially if you own a residence, such as a home or an apartment building, it is not uncommon to want to pre-screen applicants before allowing them to rent from you. … Read More