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Background Screening

Why is the Turnaround Time in a Background Screening Crucial?

When it comes to hiring new employees or renting a property in today’s fast-paced world, time is of the essence. Employers and landlords cannot afford to waste time waiting for a background check to be completed; in the same way, employees and tenants might not have all the patience in the world to wait for a response.

Employers and landlords typically conduct background checks to ensure the safety and security of their workplace or property. For employers, a common type … Read More

Background Checks

Background Checks Help You Make The Best Decision For Your Organization

Regardless of how large or small a business is, background checks can protect it from potential risks. As a result, prospective employees must undergo a background check before being hired. Making the right decision means ensuring the candidate being interviewed and hired is a good match for the position and the company.

Various tests and checks are available according to different business requirements, and professional assistance with what is right for your business is available to you! Let’s … Read More

Criminal Record Check

Risks Of Prioritizing Speed In Criminal Record Checks

In today’s fast-paced world, people are looking for quick solutions to their problems. This is particularly true for organizations and employers who need to hire people quickly to fill job vacancies. One of the ways they achieve this is by prioritizing speed in criminal record checks. While this may seem like a good idea, it comes with inherent risks that should be considered carefully before making a decision.

Possibility Of Mistakes

One of the most significant risks of prioritizing speed … Read More

Employee Driving Record Check

The Hidden Benefits of Checking Driving Records

There are likely to be many more individuals driving on behalf of your company. The following professions come to mind: sales representatives, customer service representatives, attorneys, accountants, consultants, etc. It is possible for these workers to put the safety of your organization at risk even if they use their own vehicles on the job. Consequently, your company may be held liable for the actions of its employees on the road-actions. This could result in a high-increase in insurance premiums, … Read More

Social Media Screening

What You Can Learn From Social Media Screenings

Background checks are an important part of any hiring process. By conducting a background check, employers can ensure that they are hiring individuals with the required skills and qualifications for the job. Additionally, background checks can help to identify any red flags that may be present in an applicant’s history. For example, a background check can reveal previous felony convictions, which may disqualify an applicant from being hired. In addition to criminal history, background checks can … Read More

HR Doing Background Check Of Candidates

The Best Background Check Policies by Leading Industry Experts

Background checks are an important tool that can help businesses, organizations, and individuals to make informed decisions about the people they hire, work with, or do business with. A background check can provide valuable information about an individual’s past, including their criminal history, employment history, education, and more.

Ensure You’re Following the FCRA

One key aspect of a good background check policy is to ensure that it is legal and compliant with all relevant laws and regulationsRead More

Background Rescreening

Is Background Rescreening or Continuous Monitoring More Effective?

Let’s say you’ve just onboarded a new employee. During your carefully considered hiring process, you performed a comprehensive background check. As part of this check, the individual’s identity, educational background, work experience, and professional credentials were verified. Furthermore, depending on the nature and requirements of the job, a candidate may have been screened for sanctions, criminal history, motor vehicle violations, and drug use. Having conducted these checks, you had reasonable confidence in your hiring decision and … Read More

Financial Background Check

Can a Financial Background Check Catch Tax Evaders?

A financial background check is an important tool for employers, landlords, and others who need to verify a person’s financial history. The check can show whether the person has filed for bankruptcy, been evicted, or has a history of late payments. It can also reveal whether the person has a criminal record related to financial crimes, such as tax evasion.

The background check will also show any liens or judgments against the person.In … Read More

Social Media and Internet Check

What are the Risks of Not Doing Social Media and Internet Check?

A background check is an investigation into an individual’s personal, financial, criminal, and/or professional history. This can look into a person’s public social media or dive as deep as a criminal history.

Background checks are often used to screen job candidates and can include such information as employment history, credit reports, and educational background. While background checks can be time-consuming and expensive, they can also be essential in making sure that you are hiring the right person … Read More

Pre-employment Professional License Check

A Comprehensive Guide To A Professional License Check

Professional licenses or certificates are required for some professions and industries. These licenses are regulations that are normally established and implemented at the state level. The essence of this license and certification is to guarantee that people working in certain professions or sectors are competent, appropriately trained, ethical, and trustworthy.

Which Jobs Need A Professional License

Professional licenses or certificates are required for various professionals like lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, real estate agents, therapists, counselors, … Read More