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Work Place Safety

Is it Sensible to Perform Frequent Background Checks on Employees?

Performing background checks during the hiring process has become relatively standard for most occupations—especially those that require experience and education, or those that work with children or the public. Background checks can be an extremely helpful tool in order to ensure the safety of the workplace and promote productivity amongst employees. However, once the initial hiring process is over, is it sensible to continue to perform frequent background checks on employees?

Many corporations and businesses around the globe utilize continued, … Read More

Business Dealing

Legal Judgments That Pose a Challenge in Business Dealings

Doing business with any individual or corporation comes with its own unique set of challenges, especially when considering the nature of the business itself. Making smart decisions when it comes to business dealings is critical, as it’s likely that your future and livelihood could depend on it. When employers, higher-ups, and corporations are involved in lawsuits or legal judgments, it’s a slippery slope—so it’s best to do your homework and due diligence before committing yourself or your … Read More

Finding Love

Online Dating: The Less You Share, The Safer You Are

This is a new era where you can order your groceries online and have them delivered, you can find your entire line of ancestors all around the globe with the click of the mouse, or you can find your soul mate across the country or down the street through an online database. Notice something about those 3 things? That’s right, they’re all online! Now that everything takes place online, it’s no surprise that online dating has taken the world … Read More

Job Interview

How to Deal with False Information on Employee Background Report

Background checks in the employment industry are paramount. They offer employers a chance to learn more about individuals they hire before they commit to a business relationship with them, thereby reducing the risk of hiring certain individuals. Background checks serve many different functions for corporate companies, but mainly they keep the work atmosphere safe, productive, and consistent. Employee pre-screening background checks can eliminate applicants and job candidates who have a significant criminal background, a poor track record in previous employment … Read More

Financial Record Check

Why to Evaluate Both Someone’s Criminal and Financial Record

In the technological era we’re currently in, background checks have become commonplace. This is probably due to the unfortunate fact that it’s difficult to trust someone’s word at face value these days. Running a background check might seem like a complicated process, but it’s become much easier in the past decade. Most background checks can be conducted easily online, and results can be delivered nearly instantaneously. Furthermore, there are plenty of reasons why someone might want to conduct a … Read More

Doing Business Together

Is it Safe to do Business With an Organization Involved in a Lawsuit?

Implementing safe business practices involves several levels of preparatory legwork. It’s important to keep in mind that the business world is complicated and difficult to navigate without the proper information. Whether you’re getting into a contractual business relationship with a corporation or simply a patron of a specific organization, it’s critical to make sure you’re protecting yourself and making informed financial decisions. This might involve a little research.

Doing business with an organization that is currently or previously was … Read More

Marriage Certificate

Why to Check Your Partner’s Past Marriage Record

Marriage is a sacred bond that has a great lasting effect on individuals’ and families’ lives. Entering into marriage is essentially entering into a binding contract with another individual, and this can be a tricky process. Of course, we’d all like to believe in the fairy tale that marriage lasts forever, but unfortunately in the U.S. divorce rates are higher than ever. Why might this be?

There are many potential reasons why marriages don’t last anymore. One possible theory is … Read More

Bankruptcy Record

Importance of a Person’s Bankruptcy Record

Finances are the source of stress for most people in the US, even worldwide. They cause strain on an individual’s everyday life and remain the number one cause of relationship difficulties amongst couples. Unfortunately, in today’s world of debt, it isn’t out of the ordinary for people to live beyond their means, or to make financial decisions that wind up coming back to haunt them. With the swipe of a credit card, you can make large purchases easily, but can … Read More

Online Dater

How Background Checks Ensure Your Online Dating

Since the evolution of technology, online dating has become part of our romantic culture, and it’s only going to become more prevalent in the decades to come. But sticking with the times and staying current with online dating trends makes it necessary to re-evaluate how we are to protect ourselves from the dangers of online dating. Any dating relationship comes with natural risks and rewards; however, online dating is especially dangerous in some instances because behind the cloak of … Read More

Pre-Employement Background Check

When A Candidate with Minuscule Black Spot Denied Employment

Background checks are frequently used by employers who pre-screen employees to eliminate risk from their company. Unfortunately, this process eliminates many applicants who may be fully qualified, but have miniscule black spots in their background or history. There are many reasons why an individual may be denied employment based on background check results. However, because background checks have proven to be so helpful in eliminating risks from the workplace such as substance use and aggression, sometimes employers must do … Read More