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Employee Background Check

If you are about to hire a potential employee, you know that it's more than likely that you need an employment background check prior to any offer of a position is extended to them. It's an essential tool not just for verifying that they are who they say they are, but also making sure that there are no dangerous or important omissions in the from of criminal or sex offender records, drug testing results and even in some instances credit reports.

Affordable Background Checks compiles all these results from California and the United States into one comprehensive and easy to understand report that will help you make the best decision when it comes to hiring a new employee.

Most companies choose to conduct employee background checks for a few important reasons.

  • A thorough employment background check can help reduce high rates of turnover by screening and hiring employees that are more likely to stay longer.
  • Performing a records background check can limit company losses from employee theft, fraud, alcohol and substance abuse, workplace violence and absences.
  • They can help to prevent wasted benefits costs that go unused due to an extremely brief time of employment.
  • A key advantage of a thorough employment background check is that it will help keep the cost for your company low in terms of training and development costs. Screening and finding a well qualified and capable employee can not only help with keeping training hours and costs at a minimum, but can also keep moral for other employees high with them not being subjected to extra work or picking up slack.

These are just a few key reasons why companies perform background checks on potential employees and Affordable Background Checks work to make sure that no matter how big or small a business is, cost doesn't effect the ability to have pre employment screening background checks to ensure that time, effort and money is not wasted, dragging the employment process out longer than it needs to be. If you're in need of employee background checks, use Affordable Background Checks' extensive databases to find the most thorough results to help you make the best employment decisions for you and your business.

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