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Employee Background Verification

Is a Person’s Background Verification Important Before Employment?

Hiring employees is a complex process that involves multiple layers of investigatory work to ensure that a business or company do not suffer at the hands of a dangerous or negligent employee. For this reason, many companies, corporations, and businesses included background checks and background verification procedures in their hiring process. Here’s a little more information on why background verification is important before employment:

Why is background verification important to conduct before hiring?

Hiring hard-working, faithful, and diligent employees is easier said than done. With the world of employment becoming more and more competitive for individuals, it is common to come across applicants who fabricate or falsify documents, applications, and even background information like education history to get the position they want. Unfortunately, this can have negative consequences for the individual, but it can also result in workplace issues. These are some of the most salient reasons for conducting background verification on every employee before they are fully hired:

To promote workplace safety

When individuals are hired at job sites that pose a threat to other employees, it can make work a scary place to be for some, and can lead to altercations or other issues that employees will have to deal with on several levels. Conducting background verification can eliminate dishonest applicants and promote workplace safety.

To hire qualified applicants

Many job applicants falsify their education background in order to be hired at fruitful positions. This is problematic on several levels, but ultimately it is important to hire employees who are qualified for the job. This may include verifying employment history as well as educational backgrounds.

To ramp up business production

When you hire qualified employees, your business has the potential to be much more successful. The integrity of the overall company is heightened when it is comprised of honest, qualified, hard-working individuals.

To ensure employee productivity

Looking at someone’s employment background can help you gauge how productive they may be in the workplace. If they have a history of many short employments, their productivity level may not be where you’d like it to be.

To reduce company liability

Ultimately the entire purpose of conducting background verification is to protect the employees and the business itself. Reducing company liability is essential for any company, especially during the hiring process.

Common factors that may be included in background verification:

Background checks or background verifications are not all the same, and depending on the unique circumstances or the employer’s concerns, certain information may not be included in background verification services. Employers may wish to find out more information about their prospective employees, and any of the following information may be included in a background check:

Driving record

If the job in question involves driving, then it’s reasonable to look into someone’s driving record to see if they have had any serious traffic violations.

Educational background

Having qualified employees is a critical foundation for any business. Again, verifying someone’s educational background is important, as many applicants falsify their education background to get hired.

Employment history

Another factor that applicants often fabricate is employment history that looks favorable on an application. This is why it’s not only important to verify with the applicant’s professional references, but also important to conduct a background check.

Social media accounts

Employee’s social media accounts have the potential to reflect poorly on the business or company they work for. Being aware of employee’s various social media accounts can help employers maintain good representation.

Criminal background

This is a huge factor to screen for when hiring new employees. While not all criminal histories are grounds for non-hiring, certain criminal backgrounds may keep employers from hiring potentially dangerous or negligent individuals.

Credit information

Depending on the job or context, personal credit history and financial information may be applicable. Businesses are assets, and it’s important to protect them as such.

How we can make employee background verification easier for you

Employee Authentication For years Affordable Background Checks has been providing clients including employers and the general public with vital information about others. Before entering into any kind of business transaction or professional relationship including employment, it is always essential to have as much information as possible. The background checks we offer are comprehensive and customizable. Please look over our website to learn more about our services or contact one of our helpful professionals directly.

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