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Retail Employee Background Check

Importance of Background Checks on Retail Employees

The process of hiring new employees is daunting for any business owner or manager; it brings up legal and ethical concerns that normally one may never consider. We all want to be able to trust our fellow man, and in everyday settings, we may. However, when the quality and efficiency of a business lies in our hands, it is always better to be safe than sorry. The hiring process for new employees is rigorous; it involves interviewing, screening, training, and many other elements that contribute to enlisting an effective staff. Unfortunately, many businesses tend to underestimate the value of background checks. This can result in employees who are negligent, under the influence of substances, or bring legality issues to the workplace by creating hostility and violence. In the retail industry in particular, it can be challenging to know what potential candidates can cause the most issues in the workplace. The simplest and most efficient way to screen potential employees is through thorough background checks. Each item of clothing, each product on the shelf adds value to a business, and is the source of cash flow. When employee theft becomes an issue, business profits go down. Furthermore, if an employee has a relevant criminal past of shoplifting, this can become a potential legal issue.

Eliminates a large portion of potential risk

Retail employees are not only limited to the selling floor where customers roam—it also extends to employees who stock warehouses. Even though these employees rarely deal with customers, there is still room for misconduct to occur. Theft and violence are just a few of the issues that plague the workplace, particularly in retail settings, and it is better if one can address the issue before it begins with preventive measures. Background checks are critical for employers to utilize because it eliminates a large portion of the potential risk associated with hiring new employees. In order to run a successful business, free from theft or violence, this preventive process begins with the hiring procedures.

Ensures safety of other employees

The legal obligation that comes with owning or running a business is great. It is your job to protect the other employees, the products, and the customers from harm or theft. By conducting background checks on retail employees in particular, you can make sure that you hire staff members that have clean criminal records, have no history of violence or theft, and have a good record of past employment. If you do not do your due diligence as a business manager, you may regret it in the end. The less you know about your employees, the more grey area there is surrounding their loyalty and potential for misconduct. If you choose not to involve background checks in your screening process, legal issues can arise. For instance, if you did not perform a through background check on an employee, and they have a history of violence, you can be held liable if and when they choose to bring violence to the workplace. If another employee or customer is harmed by another employee’s actions, you are legally held responsible for the misconduct. This is a situation where you will wish you had performed a background check prior to hiring the risky employee.

Find Right People

Background check prevents theft

Background checks in the retail industry are critical—it keeps the profit margin where it should be, and creates a positive work environment where people can feel safe coming to the workplace. The screening process for employees should always include a background check of some kind, if nothing else to prevent theft. If a potential employee has a criminal past, they may not disclose that to you upfront. If you perform a background check and find that there is a criminal history present, you may want to address the issue with the applicant to get better clarification. However, if the infraction involves theft, robbery, or shoplifting, these are offenses that directly apply to the nature of your business. These red flags can help you to avoid hiring employees that present a greater risk to the safety, security, and productivity of the work environment. Background checks tell you a lot about an individual besides their criminal past; they also verify education history. This can be beneficial when hiring a new manager. Every employer wants the most qualified employees working for them; background checks can help make the process go more smoothly all together.

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