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Criminal Background Check

What Information Can You Find with a Criminal Background Check?

Background checks are used for various purposes to allow employers or organizations to verify a person’s criminal, employment, credit, and other background information. The background check allows people to make an informed decision.

There are plenty of background checking companies available, and many of them make claims that they can not back up. However, at Affordable Background Checks, we have a massive database and compile our reports from numerous sources to provide you with current & accurate information.

What information is available from a criminal background check?

Criminal background checks are one of the most commonly requested types of background checks conducted. Employers need to know if they can trust the people that are applying for their positions.

Affordable Background Checks take these types of reports seriously, because we care about your safety and the accuracy of our information. We guarantee that you will receive the most accurate information possible. The background checks performed by our company go through our local, federal, and state databases to ensure you get the most accurate information available.

Our extensive criminal background checks include checks on the following:

  • Felony Conviction: Felony convictions are for serious crimes. These types of convictions lead to long-term incarceration. These crimes could be either federal or state felony convictions. These convictions would include things such as sexual offenses, robbery, and murder.
  • Pending Criminal Cases: Pending criminal cases will show up on the background check. However, there are a few states that prohibit the information that is gathered from pending cases. Some states will only provide information for pending felony cases.
  • Prison Record: Felony and misdemeanor convictions that result in prison time will be included in a person’s prison record.
  • Misdemeanor Convictions: Misdemeanor convictions including local jail sentences up to a year. It may also include convictions that do not result in jail time. Misdemeanor convictions may lead to community service, house arrest, and fines.
  • Civil Judgments: Judgements made in a court of law against a person will show up in a background check. It pertains to all non-criminal cases against a defendant. This will include lawsuits, divorces, and any other non-criminal judgment.
  • Warrants: Not all warrants appear on a person’s criminal record. However, executed warrants may populate on a criminal record.
  • Domestic Terrorist Watch List: People deemed as possible domestic terrorists are put on a watchlist. A person may not have a criminal record but maybe on the domestic terrorist watchlist.

It is possible that cases that result in dismissal may appear in the background check results.

Having a complete picture of a possible employee is essential to ensure that you are getting the right person for the position you have available. You need to know if you can trust the person you are hiring.

Many states restrict or ban felons from working in certain industries such as healthcare, working as nurses and doctors or in other sensitive fields such as working within childcare. If the position you are hiring for involves dealing with money, most employers would not want to hire a person who has a history of robbery or theft.

Other Types of Background Checks

Affordable Background Checks include several different background checks that can be completed to find out the information you need. These are utilized to look up financial history, birth records, marriage records, contact information, education information, and other personal information.

The Benefits of Affordable Background Checks

When looking for a potential employee, it is essential to make sure that you have the right person for the job. To do this, you must have all the facts. Having such information will ensure that the prospective employee was upfront and honest about their criminal, legal, work, and financial history.

Employer Looking At Criminal Background Check Report

Many background checking companies provide substandard results and are expensive for what they provide. At Affordable Background Check, we believe that everyone should have access to a high-quality background check at an affordable price.

We have a massive database that will help you find all the information that you are looking for at a price you can afford. You will get your results back fast. We pride ourselves on providing you the best service possible. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, so call us today!

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