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Rental Agreement

Why Property Owners Should Do Background Checks on Tenants

If you own or manage a property, than you are familiar with all the struggles that come with the territory. While it can be a prestigious business and often very lucrative for those who are fortunate enough to own property, it is not always easy, as you may imagine. Especially if you own a residence, such as a home or an apartment building, it is not uncommon to want to pre-screen applicants before allowing them to rent from you. … Read More

Background Check

Background Check: Is it Necessary?

You finally found the most qualified employee for the position; they have the right educational background, and have so much experience that there are no gaps in education or employment. The interview went exceptionally well, so you hire them on the spot. After one month of working for you, the new employee has a bout of anger and assaults another employee. It is later discovered that the individual had a history of anger issues, a criminal record for assault, … Read More