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Smartphone Dating

Background Check Tips for Online Dating

Nowadays the ways to meet the love of your life are changing; no longer do we look to our left at a red light and sparks fly at first sight, or grab the same package of meat in the supermarket by accident and wind up married a year later. Why waste time dating in the “real world” when we can find someone who matches our own personality perfectly online? Dating apps and sites tailor the pool of daters to our … Read More

Job Search

I Have a Criminal Record: Will I Get a Job?

People make mistakes; having any kind of criminal past does not always lead to a jobless future, even though hope seems to diminish for this population once they feel disowned and disregarded by society. Finding a job is reliant upon many factors that include one’s personality, dedication, reliability, and attitude. Criminal past does not yield automatic denial from all employers, but it is important to understand a company’s basis for not wanting to risk hiring individuals with criminal histories, … Read More