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HR Checking Credit History Before Hiring

Can a Person with Past Poor Credit History be Trusted for a Financial Position?

Trust is a critical factor when it comes to positions that involve managing money or being responsible for handling important financial decisions. One common concern that arises among employers is whether a person with a poor credit history can be trusted with such responsibilities. Before we delve into the topic, let’s understand what a poor credit history means.

What is a poor credit history?

A credit history refers to a record of an individual’s past borrowing and repayment behavior. … Read More

Job Interview

How to Deal with False Information on Employee Background Report

Background checks in the employment industry are paramount. They offer employers a chance to learn more about individuals they hire before they commit to a business relationship with them, thereby reducing the risk of hiring certain individuals. Background checks serve many different functions for corporate companies, but mainly they keep the work atmosphere safe, productive, and consistent. Employee pre-screening background checks can eliminate applicants and job candidates who have a significant criminal background, a poor track record in previous employment … Read More

Now Hiring

Legal Implications of Hiring a Person with Criminal Background

Employment opportunities are competitive, and most employers utilize background checks to help sift through the groups of qualified applicants, mainly to eliminate risks to the company. However, just because an individual has a criminal past does not make the unsuitable to be hired. Depending on the type of violation, the employer can further interview the prospective employee to find out more about their criminal past or convictions. Especially if one’s criminal background is directly related to the position at hand, … Read More

Casino Employee Theft

Casino Employee Theft and How Background Checks Can Prevent It

Some of the qualities that come to mind when hiring employees are: honesty, reliability, dependability, efficiency, and loyalty. While these qualities are important in any new-hire situation, they can be particularly important depending on the nature of a job. One such instance is hiring employees to work at casinos. Casino employee theft is a huge issue in the industry; it doesn’t just happen in those fancy movies about elaborate heists—it happens everyday, in real life. Hiring new employees always … Read More

Employee Resume Checking

Common Resume Lies Job-Seekers Make

In today’s competitive business world, it is difficult to find a job working anywhere unless one has a significant college degree; in other words, you better have at least a Bachelor’s degree. Unfortunately, many individuals do not possess the resources to attend college, nor do they have any other means of supporting their families. This is where resume fraud tends to appear in the workplace. When applying for a new job, prospective employees are looking to stand out and … Read More

Human Resources

Dangers of Negligent Hiring Every HR Managers Should Know

One of the most critical purposes of every human resource manager is to make sure that the company finds the most qualified, skilled, and capable employees that will add the most value to the business. Often this involves recruiting new employment and developing knowledge of the company practices in order to maximize productivity. Although the intricacies involved in management of human resources are far more extensive than just recruitment and training alone, perhaps the most essential duty of HR management … Read More