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Online Dater

How Background Checks Ensure Your Online Dating

Since the evolution of technology, online dating has become part of our romantic culture, and it’s only going to become more prevalent in the decades to come. But sticking with the times and staying current with online dating trends makes it necessary to re-evaluate how we are to protect ourselves from the dangers of online dating. Any dating relationship comes with natural risks and rewards; however, online dating is especially dangerous in some instances because behind the cloak of … Read More

Pre-Employement Background Check

When A Candidate with Minuscule Black Spot Denied Employment

Background checks are frequently used by employers who pre-screen employees to eliminate risk from their company. Unfortunately, this process eliminates many applicants who may be fully qualified, but have miniscule black spots in their background or history. There are many reasons why an individual may be denied employment based on background check results. However, because background checks have proven to be so helpful in eliminating risks from the workplace such as substance use and aggression, sometimes employers must do … Read More