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Retail Employee Background Check

Importance of Background Checks on Retail Employees

The process of hiring new employees is daunting for any business owner or manager; it brings up legal and ethical concerns that normally one may never consider. We all want to be able to trust our fellow man, and in everyday settings, we may. However, when the quality and efficiency of a business lies in our hands, it is always better to be safe than sorry. The hiring process for new employees is rigorous; it involves interviewing, screening, training, and … Read More

Employee Resume Checking

Common Resume Lies Job-Seekers Make

In today’s competitive business world, it is difficult to find a job working anywhere unless one has a significant college degree; in other words, you better have at least a Bachelor’s degree. Unfortunately, many individuals do not possess the resources to attend college, nor do they have any other means of supporting their families. This is where resume fraud tends to appear in the workplace. When applying for a new job, prospective employees are looking to stand out and … Read More