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Juvenile Crime

Do Crimes Committed as a Juvenile Turn Up in a Criminal Background Check Report?

Crimes committed as a juvenile show up in criminal background reports in some instances while in other instances they don’t. As young persons below the age of 18 years engage in criminal activities, they are documented in what is called a juvenile record.

A juvenile record includes all documents held by the courts, the police department, the district attorney, and probation department for any criminal activity in which anyone under 18 for most states where the crime took place. … Read More

Background Check Report Check

Repair These Common Background Check Flaws to Avoid Costing Yourself a Job

Chances are if you’ve ever applied for a job, you’ve agreed to having a background check conducted. Most hiring processes include some form of pre-employment screening as a measure to protect their assets and other employees. About 70 percent of U.S. employers conduct background checks. Unfortunately, shoddy companies will regularly exploit the lack of industry regulation by over-charging for sloppy reports, costing individuals their employment, or credit.

If this has ever happened to you, or you want to … Read More