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Background Check

Reliable Traits of an Authorized Background Check Company

You know it’s important to run background checks on potential employees, but with all the options out there for background screening services, it can be hard to tell which ones are going to work the best for you and your company’s specific needs. While we can’t answer that question definitively, as it will depend on your personal and professional preferences and needs, we can give you an idea of some things you should be looking for no matter … Read More

Online Dating

The Importance of Doing a Background Check on Your Date

With the evolution of technology and the introduction of social media came a massive change in the way we date and find our significant other. A blind date used to entail meeting up with someone at the suggestion of a third party who knew this other person and could vouch for them. But in modern times, dating often entails meeting with strangers we connect with online through dating sites or social media platforms.

While this opens a new door, enabling … Read More