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Money Laundering

How Can You Catch a Money Laundering Firm Before Signing a Business Agreement?

Protect yourself and your company before you sign a business agreement with a money laundering firm. Criminals don’t always use banks to launder their money, they can target any type of business.

What is money laundering?

When large amounts of money are generated during criminal activity, the proceeds need to be disguised so that they look as though they came from a legitimate source. This type of money is often referred to as “dirty,” and the “laundry” process … Read More

Financial Organization

Importance of Background Checks For Financial Organizations

The financial services industry is one of the biggest areas of growth in the job market. Every day, financial offices are teeming with new employees and those seeking a job interview. Although most of these people have worked diligently to obtain their degrees and embark on their careers at financial firms, not all of them have such noble ambitions.

Unfortunately, the financial sector attracts dubious characters and con men who are eager to use their knowledge of the inner … Read More