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Doing Business Together

Is it Safe to do Business With an Organization Involved in a Lawsuit?

Implementing safe business practices involves several levels of preparatory legwork. It’s important to keep in mind that the business world is complicated and difficult to navigate without the proper information. Whether you’re getting into a contractual business relationship with a corporation or simply a patron of a specific organization, it’s critical to make sure you’re protecting yourself and making informed financial decisions. This might involve a little research.

Doing business with an organization that is currently or previously was … Read More

Marriage Certificate

Why to Check Your Partner’s Past Marriage Record

Marriage is a sacred bond that has a great lasting effect on individuals’ and families’ lives. Entering into marriage is essentially entering into a binding contract with another individual, and this can be a tricky process. Of course, we’d all like to believe in the fairy tale that marriage lasts forever, but unfortunately in the U.S. divorce rates are higher than ever. Why might this be?

There are many potential reasons why marriages don’t last anymore. One possible theory is … Read More