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Employment Screening

What Should Employers Know about Laws Governing Background Checks?

During the pre-employment process there are few things more important than a background check on your applicants. Besides providing you a better glimpse and idea of whom you may be hiring, background checks also provide a greater sense of security for you and your employees while reducing the risk for any potential incidents as well as the liability of your business in the event of anything happening. However, there are important and strict legal stipulations regarding properly performing a background … Read More

Background Check

Do I Need to Conduct Pre-Employment Background Check While Hiring?

With most businesses, hiring the right employees can mean the difference between a long lasting and successful operation and one that may have a harder time staying afloat. Reliable, detail oriented employees can unfortunately be hard to come by, meaning that your job when it comes to hiring new employees is to try and find the best fits for your company not only in the moment but also going forward. One way to make sure you’re hiring trustworthy people is … Read More