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Legal Implications of Hiring a Person with Criminal Background

Employment opportunities are competitive, and most employers utilize background checks to help sift through the groups of qualified applicants, mainly to eliminate risks to the company. However, just because an individual has a criminal past does not make the unsuitable to be hired. Depending on the type of violation, the employer can further interview the prospective employee to find out more about their criminal past or convictions. Especially if one’s criminal background is directly related to the position at hand, … Read More

Background Check Report

When a Candidate with a Negative Background Check Report Can Be Hired

Background checks can be a helpful tool for employers to avoid risky candidates in the hiring process. However, it raises some questions about whether or not a negative background check will keep an employer from hiring the prospective employee. The answers to these questions are not simple, and in many cases depend upon the employer’s judgment. Fortunately for candidates with a less-than-desirable background check result, they have rights too; there is some information in background checks that may … Read More