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Hiring Right Employee

How Background Checks Prevent Business Troubles

If you are running a small business, you know the importance of hiring an employee that you can trust. It used to be that the only information you had to rely on was applications, resumes and former employers. Now you have the ability to run background checks to ensure that the person that you are considering for the job is right for the position.

Running a background check can prevent many business troubles, but you need to hire a company that you can rely on. Using an inexperienced background check company can lead to inaccurate data that can lead to you missing the chance of hiring an amazing employee.

Reasons to Run a Background Check

There are several ways that background checks can help your business stay out of trouble. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider having a background check performed on a potential new hire.

Keeping Employees and Customers Safe

Having a background check performed is an important safety precaution. It can help weed out applicants that are dangerous and pose a threat to fellow employees or customers. Criminal background checks can be used to see if the applicant is a sex offender or a violent criminal. If you were to hire these individuals, you can ruin your company’s PR and you take the chance of having lawsuits filed against the company.

Protect Your Business Assets

You don’t want to hire someone that is already known as an embezzler or a thief. Having a background check performed can help to reduce petty theft, identity theft and fraud.

You Must Comply With the Laws

There are several professions that require background checks. These professions usually involve direct contact with children, elderly, or the disabled. These checks must be performed before hiring an employee that may potentially be a danger to the people that they are working with.

Attracting Better Candidates

When potential employees know that you perform background checks it will attract better candidates. Knowing that they will be working for a company that has high standards will make them feel more confident in working with your company. It also allows them to have peace of mind knowing that other employees have been checked and they will be working with a company that cares about their safety. They can feel confident that they will be safe on the job.

Avoiding Bad Hires

Taking the necessary measures and having a background check performed can help you avoid making a bad hire. Hiring individuals that are not good for your company can lead to bad PR and negligent lawsuits.

Finding the Right Person

Most background checks are run for safety reasons to protect the staff, customers and the business itself. Another important reason is so that you hire the right person for the job. Using the information that is gathered during a background check can give you a better understanding of what the applicant has done and where they have been. By having this information, you can quickly narrow your search and find the candidate that fits best with your team.

Employee Hiring Process

Make it a Part of Your Hiring Process

In today’s day and age, a background check is an intricate part of the hiring process. Verifying the information is important when you need to hire someone that is right for the position and for the company itself. Knowing if you are dealing with a candidate that has a criminal record, are a convicted sex offender, have credit issues or have failed drug tests is important information when you are considering bringing them into your company.

We can perform any type of background check that you need, and we offer a satisfaction guarantee. You will receive an easy to understand report that we compile from our expansive database that spans throughout California and the entire United States. We offer:

• Commercial Background Checks
• Criminal Background Checks
Employee Pre-Screening Background Checks
Background Verification Checks

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If you are in need of a background check, contact us today. Here at Affordable Background Checks, we will provide you with thorough and accurate results so that you can make the decision that is right for your company.

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