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Financial Record Check

Why to Evaluate Both Someone’s Criminal and Financial Record

In the technological era we’re currently in, background checks have become commonplace. This is probably due to the unfortunate fact that it’s difficult to trust someone’s word at face value these days. Running a background check might seem like a complicated process, but it’s become much easier in the past decade. Most background checks can be conducted easily online, and results can be delivered nearly instantaneously. Furthermore, there are plenty of reasons why someone might want to conduct a background check.

The main reason for any background check is to protect yourself or others. It is often one of the initial steps in any interview or hiring process to ensure the safety of a workplace or to promote a productive work environment. However, one might ask, why are there multiple levels to background checks? The reason for this is because it is often the case that not all information about a person is related to the prompt for the background check. Two common things to look for in a background check are someone’s criminal past and their financial record. There are good reasons for this:

Why criminal past matters

A person’s criminal history doesn’t tell you everything about the person, nor does it explain the reasons for evidence of a criminal past. Given certain circumstances, criminal history on a background check can serve as a jumping off point for meaningful conversation about the person’s self growth and evolution. For some individuals, criminal past plays an important role in who they are today—especially if one’s criminal acts occurred long ago but remain a part of their permanent record. Furthermore, criminal history can sometimes serve as an important asset to a business, depending on the nature of the crime.

Why financial records matter

Someone’s financial endeavors often tell you a lot about someone’s level of responsibility, including their ability to be forthcoming and consistent. Financial records give you plenty of information to work with in many different contexts, especially in money-related endeavors. For instance, if someone is applying for a loan their financial background will play a large role in determining if they’re eligible or not. We’ll talk more about this in a moment, but it’s important to keep in mind that finances are one of the biggest struggles for most Americans today.

Reasons to look at both factors

Criminal and financial backgrounds combined can give you an all over better picture of how someone operates in the world and whether or not they’re deserving of trust and responsibility. Here are some specific situations that might warrant a criminal and financial background check:


If you’re looking to hire someone, certainly their criminal past can play a part in whether they’re a realistic liability to the company or not. However, depending on the job in question and the qualifying circumstances, financial records can also help employers learn more about an individual’s past jobs and incomes.


Certainly when applying for loans financial records are critical in determining whether or not someone will be approved or not. A criminal background check might also help in the case of a personal loan, where you’re verifying someone’s track record as honest and forthcoming.


Renting a home or apartment to an individual comes with the need to know specifics about someone’s financial standing, including their employment status and past criminal history that could put other renters or tenants in danger.

Personal reasons

One of the most common contexts in which one might inquire about someone’s criminal and financial history is in a personal relationship, perhaps before marriage or commitment. Covering your bases in a legal and ethical context is important, but it’s also important when it comes to someone’s livelihood and safety.

Background Check

How we can help

At Affordable Background Checks, we make it our mission to provide the most accurate, efficient, and affordable information to our clients. When inquiring about someone’s financial or criminal history, it’s especially important to receive thorough, accurate results—otherwise someone’s life could be changed indefinitely. Whatever your reason, background checks help us feel secure and safe in making tough decisions about our futures. If you’re considering conducting a background check on an individual, look over our website or contact us directly to see how we can help you through the process.

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