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Remote Hiring

How Background Screening Helps in Improving Remote Candidate Experience

The process of running a background check on interested candidates is a vital part of the recruitment process of any company that wishes to retain and enhance its image. When recruitment also includes remote candidates, conducting a background check is doubly important.

The Importance of Conducting a Background Check on Applicants

You intend to entrust private information about your company to anyone you hire. You probably will provide an employee with an office computer and data-sensitive passwords to systems. It is the hiring manager’s responsibility to keep the company safe from any potential threats. As a result, criminal convictions, driving records, and educational history must all be checked before the hiring process can be completed. Remote workers pose an additional security risk that is not present in the office, as they may have people in their home who might be able to access your data and information as well.

Ways to Improve the Candidate Experience of Remote Applicants

  • Appraise Your Company’s Current Candidate experience: The virtual candidate experience is most efficient if it is created to assist candidates from any location in moving through the hiring process. However, before you begin to make changes, you must evaluate the hiring processes that are in use in your company now and come up with new ways to easily move candidates from application to hire.
  • Examine Your Company’s Online Presence: The most amount of information, if not all, that remote candidates obtain about your company will be obtained through digital As a result, it’s critical to lay out your brand and culture as an employer company and brand through a variety of digital channels. By performing the following actions, you can assess your online figure and presence and identify areas for improvement:
    • Monitor Glassdoor reviews and respond to them as needed.
    • Update the company’s social media pages, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram regularly.
    • Maintain an up-to-date careers website for your organization with correct information about the most current updates, announcements, and opportunities.
  • Make Your Company’s Application Processes Simple: Studies show that applications that keep candidates engaged for more than 15 minutes to complete suffer over a 300-percent decrease in completion rates. Take the following steps to ensure that your application process is not allowing you to mislay candidates Ensure that the application remains brief and asks for only the information that is necessary (you can initiate further questions in the later processes). Engage the function of an efficient Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that allows candidates to check application status, create a profile and apply for multiple positions without having to re-enter the information they have previously supplied.
  • Make Room for Updates and Opportunities Beneficial to Candidates:Frequent updates are beneficial to all candidates, but they are especially important for remote candidates who have limited physical interactions with your company. Use a variety of communication channels, such as email, chat, phone, and text messages. Provide candidates with tools that allow them to check the status of their drug screening results and background check.
  • Include a ChatBot in the Website of Your Career Page: In general, a chatbot is a smart idea for your website, but if you don’t already have one, now is a great time to put one in It will add a more personal human touch to your careers page in this present world of physical and social distancing and an increase in isolation.

A chatbot is a piece of automated technology that has human characteristics but is entirely artificial. Unlike live chat, where a real agent must be present to speak with someone, a chatbot can provide a personalized touch without requiring human intervention. Once set up (and properly set up), a good chatbot can be programmed to provide answers to common questions from applicants, direct applicants to additional information, and even connect candidates to a live-monitored chat or phone number when necessary.

Remote Candidate Background Screening

How We Can Help

At Affordable Background Checks, we help your company recruit in the safest and easiest ways by conducting thorough background checks while employing different tools, personnel, and organizations. With a thorough investigation of an applicant’s marriage records, court records, criminal records, asset records, birth records, education, and more, we will help you get the best out of your recruitment process with the most minimal stress. Contact us today!

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