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School Employees Hiring

How to Run Background Check on School Employees

It’s incredibly important to verify the backgrounds and records of school employees. School employees often work with and near children and young adults, so ensuring that their backgrounds are clear of the utmost importance.

There are many services that can help you conduct thorough and reliable background checks on employees. These services will allow you to gather information, such as criminal and court records, educational background, personal details, and employment history. This article will help you learn the best and most affordable ways to conduct these useful and critically-important verifications for school employees.

The Importance of Running Background Checks

Students spend a significant amount of time at school, meaning they also spend a large amount of time with the adults who work at those schools. Since ensuring the safety of students is a priority for everyone, a great way to confirm the integrity of employees is by running background checks. For some schools, failing to verify the backgrounds of their employees can mean a loss of funding, a decrease in the school’s performance, and a decline of the trust held by both students and parents.

Beyond safety concerns that can be identified with accurate and thorough background checks, guaranteeing the background of school employees also means making sure students are getting the best quality education. Students, parents, and the school’s community all put their trust into schools to follow best practices, and running background checks allows everyone involved to have access to a safe and successful educational environment.

There are both federal and state laws that stipulate the kinds of background checks schools must run before hiring new employees, so it is extremely important to have a trusted source of credible and accurate information when conducting any kind of background check.

Types of Information Can a Background Check Can Provide

There are several types of background checks that will provide information to hiring coordinators to help them decide who is the best fit for their schools. Below, we’ve listed some of the most common:

Criminal Records

The biggest concern of any school is keeping their students safe. Retrieving criminal records of potential new employees means schools can hire both responsibly and safely. Schools need to know if their employees have ever been convicted of a crime, whether it be a misdemeanor or a felony offense. Criminals have no place working in schools, and running criminal background checks ensures this won’t be an issue.

Registered Sex Offender Lists

Sex offenders are the last people schools want to employ, and the only way to guarantee that potential hires aren’t registered sex offenders is to run a complete and thorough background check. There are many laws that prohibit registered sex offenders from working with or near children, meaning identifying potential threats will not only keep students and other employees safe, but it will also protect against potential legal issues.

Education and Employment Backgrounds

Schools want to make sure that the credentials of their potential hires are legitimate, since their goal is to provide a quality education and a positive learning environment for their students. Background checks can assure employers that candidates actually have the education, employment background, and licenses that they claim to possess. Running background checks safeguards schools against hiring people who aren’t qualified for their positions. It also assures that current employees live up to the school board’s standards. Background checks can also identify employment history, providing an accurate track record for school employees.

Affordable Background Checks Can Provide Peace of Mind

Affordable Background Checks is a reliable and credible service that offers a variety of background checking options for all kinds of educational providers. We care about keeping schools and their students safe, meaning we verify employee backgrounds with the utmost care and diligence.

School Employees Background Check

We can provide information on everything from criminal records to educational background to asset records and personal details. We strive to provide background checks at prices you can afford, so you can focus on providing the best education possible.

We take the stress and worry out of running background checks and handle the details for you. We are here to help you keep your school operating at its best, and we look forward to working with you. Contact us today for more information or to start your search.

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