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Marriage Rings

How to Safely Marry a Divorcee

Divorce rates have hit an all-time high in recent decades, which might make someone hesitant to take the plunge in the first place. In light of the most recent divorce statistics, the fear of a new marriage ending in divorce might be well founded. However, there are precautions one can take to help increase the chances of a “happily ever after” ending. If you’ve been thinking about marriage recently, it’s natural for divorce to also be on your mind – especially if you’re uncertain about your partner’s marriage history.

Learning more about your partner and their past can be a helpful stepping stone to squashing your marriage fears once and for all, and it could provide you with valuable information to help you invest in a healthy, committed, and long-standing marriage. In this article, we’ll go over some of the important information a pre-marriage background check can offer.

The Two Most Important Elements of a Pre-Marital Background Check:

Whether you know your partner is a divorcee or not, it’s critical to protect yourself before getting too serious. If you’re headed toward marriage, there are a few elements that you should absolutely look into before you agree to share your life with someone. It’s reasonable to consider that the following two components should be included in any pre-marital background check:

Verifying Identity

In an age where identity theft is running rampant, it’s important to verify your partner’s identity on a basic level. Verifying an individual’s identity might especially be salient if you are engaged in an online romance, where personal details are somewhat easier to hide from the get-go. It’s relatively easy to assume someone else’s identity, particularly online – so it’s important to cover the basics upfront.

Marriage Background

As we said before, divorce rates are at an all-time high, which means that it’s highly likely to become involved with a partner who has a marital past. Furthermore, divorce can be a shameful experience for some, and they may not feel comfortable divulging that information to a new romantic partner. Before you take the plunge, especially if you’re uncertain about your partner’s past, you have the right to know about their previous attempts at marriage. At the very least, it’s important to ensure your partner’s past marriages are completely, legally dissolved before moving forward.

Other Important Information to Verify

Besides your partner’s identity and their divorce record, it’s also important to consider other factors to increase the success of your marriage. Here are a few others you may not have thought of:

Criminal Past

Keeping past marriages or divorces a secret is somewhat understandable; however, if your partner has a criminal past, particularly in domestic violence, then it’s something you absolutely have the right to know about up front. Protecting yourself from marriage dissolution is important, but protecting your safety takes precedence.

Credit and Financial Status

One of the biggest reasons for divorce is financial problems or disagreements. Financial transparency is another issue that couples frequently have trouble with. While debt is a huge part of our culture as it seems, you still have the right to know about what debt you’ll be assuming when you marry someone else. Checking your partner’s credit status can open the door for a conversation that is much needed in every marriage in the country, and should be discussed before any contracts are signed.

A Note About Online Romances

Online relationships bring another element to transparency that many individuals haven’t gotten the hang of yet. It’s quite easy to pretend you’re someone else online; names, birth dates, family, marital or relationship past, and much other pertinent information can be falsified rather easily. A special caution to those who partake in online dating is this: background checks are a way to not only promote the success of your relationship, but to ensure your safety.

Pre-Marital Background Check

How We Can Help You

Affordable Background Checks is a simple, user-friendly online service for conducting background check verifications. This service can be used for multiple reasons and has been utilized widely by those entering serious romantic relationships. If you’re considering marrying a divorcee, it’s important to cover your bases and protect yourself. If you would like to know more about our online background check services, please feel free to look through our website or contact us directly to answer any specific questions you may have.

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