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Criminal Background Check

Important Information You Must Know About Criminal Background Checks

Hiring employees has become a task, especially because employers need to know different aspects about potential employees in order to protect their company. A comprehensive criminal background check on applicants provides the most important information employers need to make an informed decision.

Employing the wrong person can put the company at risk, especially for companies that require security and trust like schools, law firms, hospitals, banks, etc. Even retail shops and small businesses are now running background checks on their employees. A comprehensive background check will ensure that criminal histories are not concealed from you in an attempt to hide an applicant’s past.

As a business owner, ensure that your company’s HR makes background checks a critical part of the hiring process to protect your customers and other employees. Having a criminal past should not entirely exclude applicants from being hired; but not disclosing their criminal past may be a red flag. Depending on the circumstances, it is up to an employer to decide who to hire.

What does a Criminal Background Check Involve?

A comprehensive criminal background check normally involves the following:

Personal information

In a criminal background check, the first information that is important is the applicant’s personal information. It includes their legal name and aliases, place of birth, date of birth, residential address present and past, education and degrees, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, etc. This can also be used to verify previous places of employment.

Criminal information

The criminal background check will disclose criminal records about the applicant if there are any. The report will contain past arrests for misdemeanors, felonies, and child abuse cases. They most likely will not show juvenile charges. These checks do show current warrants, pending charges, dropped charges, penalties, indictments, and court ordered decisions.

Most job applicants don’t know that criminal information is public, and everyone is privy to them. Hence, there is no need for job applicants to hide them. Hiding criminal information doesn’t do them any good because it only draws suspicion that they may be dishonest or trying to hide their past.

Importance of Criminal Background Checks

The importance of including criminal background checks in your hiring process cannot be overemphasized, and they are discussed below:

  • Increases your company’s success rate: Employees are the backbone of every organization, and without the proper team, companies have a reduced chance of succeeding. Hence, extensive and accurate research on applicants will go a long way in ensuring that companies employ the right people for the job.
  • Ensure the safety of employees and customers: Without a criminal background check, companies might hire employees with questionable and dangerous backgrounds. This puts your employees and customers at risk of being harmed, which is very bad for business public reaction and also for the possibility of being sued.
  • To make informed decisions: The only way for companies to be confident that they are hiring the right person is if they conduct comprehensive background checks on applicants. The background checks detect the applicant’s criminal record, and from the information provided, the company can decide if or not to hire the applicant.

How Comprehensive Criminal Background Checks Work

  • First, you should find a reliable company that carries out comprehensive background checks.
  • The company will evaluate information from both local, state, and federal criminal databases.
  • The company will provide information about former employee records, misconducts, criminal convictions, and ongoing criminal investigations.

Affordable Background Check for Complete Background Checks

Employing the service of a dependable background check provider is crucial to ensuring that you don’t hire applicants with questionable characteristics. Thanks to technology, there are now databases that can assist employers in conducting background checks on applicants.

Employees Criminal Record Check

At Affordable Background Checks, we understand the importance of background checks in the employment process. We conduct extensive background checks at an affordable price and provide you with accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date information.

Affordable background checks offer everything you need to know from criminal records, marital status, contact information, asset records, legal records, and social details. No matter what type of service you need, Affordable Background Checks is guaranteed to get the job done fast and to your satisfaction. Call us or contact us online today!

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