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Precautions to Follow While Choosing a Background Check Service

Background checks are vital for many businesses operations when making hiring decisions. This ensures information provided is accurate and up to date. While it is obvious that this data needs to be reliable, it may be less clear how to ensure the source of your information is of the same quality. With so many options available potential users need to be confident in the services hired to provide the many facets of background checks.

One must be certain of the laws in the state regarding background checks and what is legal. There are also additional layers of nuance in current COVID-19 times to keep in consideration. Be sure that you are gathering proper information from a legal resource who knows the laws in your area to protect you and your assets.

There are issues to take into account beyond cost such as inexperienced analysts misinterpreting information, old information that is too out of date to be of value or no longer accurate, and research that simply is not thorough.

Why are background checks so important?

There are many facets of curiosity in the decision to hire an employee or to rent to a tenant. A background check with bring clarity to the situation by providing employers and landlords with the below information:

  • Bankruptcy records
  • Marriage and family records
  • Contact information
  • Asset Records
  • Birth Records
  • Personal Details
  • Legal Judgments

There are many important times in your personal life when you may not even know a background check service is valuable, these can include:

Each of these scenarios listed above comes with valuable information to be gained, as well as significant potential risk if the information is inaccurate. It is incredibly important to work with a service that provides vetted information for your specific situation while observing the legalities in your state.

To add to the stress of a business decision, much like every other cost of the business the source of your background checks needs to fit into the budget. With no industry standard on pricing, it can be daunting to try to weigh how important the information is compared to what it will cost. Couple with this the fact that complete and accurate data is absolutely essential, and it can become a difficult scale to balance quickly.

In order to add value, a great option to look for is a pre-bundles set of information that is easily digestible and matches your search needs. Here are some commonly used groupings available on the market today:

  • Criminal Background Check: A comprehensive criminal background check should include previous arrests/arrest records, outstanding warrants, prior sentences, and history of jail time. A thorough investigation keeps you and your other employees safe when considering a potential new hire or beginning work with a contractor.
  • Employee Pre-Screening: In order to battle the all-too-common issues of employee turnover and brief stints of employment, it is valuable to screen potential employees before even beginning the hiring process. This type of pre-screening should include criminal records, sex offender records, drug test results, and credit reports. This mitigates potential losses for the company while simultaneously resulting in consistently better hires.
  • Background Verification checks: In an ideal world, all the information an individual gives would be reliable, but this is unfortunately simply not the case. There are many situations you may want to obtain verification to ensure what someone says is indeed true. This could include before agreeing to marriage, before potential employment, and before engaging in commercial deals. This truly protects both parties from further escalations that can occur if information turns out to have been falsified but is not discovered until further down the road.

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Affordable Background Checks is Here for You

The value of proactively seeking accurate and quality information is only as good as the source you choose. At Affordable Background Checks we access massive online databases to create comprehensive answers to all of your questions.

We verify that information is accurate and go beyond quality information to deliver you reports in an expedient & affordable manner. Stop by our website to explore the ways Affordable Background Checks can help you or contact us with your questions. We are happy to provide the solutions and prices you need. We have the power to help you make informed decisions about your hiring, lending, leasing, and much more. Call us today.

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Gavin Muirhead has been involved in developing products for background checks and improving online experiences in the background screening industry since 2012. He is the lead author and editor of Affordable Background Checks.