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Online Dating Scam

How Can You Catch a Fraudster While Dating?

The days of catching significant others in lies are far from gone, and the dating world can be a scary place. Whether you’re dating in person or online, there are ways that daters can protect themselves from fraudsters and devious individuals looking to exploit or take advantage of others. Today online profiles and social media accounts make it easy for people to be whoever they want to be without anyone knowing or finding out. However, there are ways to investigate someone’s history and background, giving more insight into their trustworthiness and integrity. In this article, we’ll go over some information that may be helpful to daters who want to eliminate the fraudulent individuals from their dating pool.

Information that may be helpful to daters

Dating is a process that requires a lot of time and emotional investment, and often even financial investment—after all, if the end goal is marriage than sharing finances may be in your future. However, it is critical to protect yourself from fraudulent daters with ill-intent or selfish motivations. Here is some of the basic information that can be helpful to daters who want to verify their significant others’ statements, protect themselves before entering a binding marital contract, or keep their online dating safe:

Personal identifying information

In today’s online dating world, it is more common than ever for individuals to lie about their basic identifying information, such as their age, home address, or about having children. Using a background check to verify these basic facts can help you feel at ease about who you may meet or marry one day.

Divorce or marriage records

Another common issue with dating is that often daters use the dating pool as a way to find individuals to have extramarital affairs with. Checking to see if someone is legally married or divorced can help you to get out sooner rather than later.

Asset records

Hidden assets are a common issue in marriages, as sometimes people don’t like their significant others to know that they own property or have a separate income in case of a divorce. Knowing about your dater’s assets can not only protect you, but can help to begin your relationship on an honest foot.

Credit history

Credit history information can tell you a lot about an individual’s level of diligence and financial responsibility. Since finances are one of the major reasons for divorce in this country, this is an important factor to look into.

Employment and education verification

Another common thing that daters lie about is their employment and educational background. These two things might make them appear more sophisticated, educated, or wealthy, and can greatly mislead daters.

Criminal past

This is perhaps the most important consideration to make when entering a dating relationship. Histories of domestic violence, abuse, or even more severe crimes like murder are usually omitted by daters, and understandably so—they don’t make them seem very appealing, stable, or trustworthy. However, for prospective significant others, it is critical to know if your future spouse has a violent history. Furthermore, financial crimes often hold spouses liable as well, which can mean that one’s future could be significantly impacted by someone’s past.

A word about online dating

Online dating is a relatively new phenomenon in the world, and it hasn’t been totally figured out yet in terms of how to do it safely. It’s important to conduct thorough background checks on prospective significant others and people whom you are interested in getting to know further or in-person. By performing a background check, you’ll be better equipped with knowledge to avoid dangerous or precarious situations that could jeopardize your safety and well-being. Online dating is fantastic for expanding horizons within your comfort zone; however, it’s important to remain aware of the dangers and risks associated with it.

How we can help you stay safe in the dating world

Online Dating Scammer Affordable Background Checks offers daters the opportunity to learn more about their significant other before committing to a serious relationship. Although online dating poses unique challenges and considerations to daters, in-person dating can be just as risky and dangerous. Making informed choices about your future can be made easier with our services. Please contact us or look over our website to discover more about how we can help.

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