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Background or Crime Record Check

The Difference between Background Checks and Criminal Record Checks

Many people think that a background check and a criminal record check are the same. They make the mistake of using both terms interchangeably. This, however, is an error. Although both of them require a thorough review of an individual’s past records, the criminal record check is a branch of the background check as a whole.

A background check can be a pre-employment check that involves employment history, education history, a credit check, drug tests, motor vehicle searches, as well as several other checks, depending on what the situation demands. In certain companies, a background check may incorporate a criminal record to be able to verify if the person in question has a previous criminal past.

To combat the misconception that surrounds both terms, this article will address the difference between background checks and criminal record checks. This will help employers, business owners, landlords, and others have an understanding of what these terms mean.

What constitutes a background check?

A background check is a series of checks that help to verify the information provided by a person on an application. Corporations conduct background checks based on the work requirements and the industry in which the applicant is applying. It is used to verify information provided by the applicant.

Background checks conducted before employment provide the company with critical information about its candidates. This information is very vital, as it equips the employer with the confidence they require to hire the applicant. It will verify the dates of employment, education degrees and diplomas, and more.

The importance of conducting a background check on aspiring candidates before employing them cannot be tossed aside. Hiring the wrong candidate can considerably affect the success of the company, which can cost the company a great deal of money.

Types of Background Check

Some background checks go deeper to include social media screens, education records, employment history checks, driving records, and criminal record checks. Companies may prioritize criminal background checks more than the others, especially if the role is finance-related. The reasons for a criminal background check is an integral part of their pre-employment screening process, due to the nature of their work.

Conducting a background check on prospective employees prior to employment can assist the hiring firm in making better-informed decisions. The problem lies in the creation of an efficient and effective legal screening process. The best solution is to work with a reputable provider, especially one that has been authorized by the Professional Screening Association.

What is in a criminal record check?

A criminal record check is designed to inspect a person’s misdemeanor and felony records for state and federal illegal activity. It is meant to assess an individual’s records of incarceration, active warrants, past arrests, pending cases, infractions, and legal problems.

Bear in mind that federal, state, and local laws have an impact on the information that appears when conducting such checks for each state. For example, do not expect to see juvenile records in a criminal record check, as such records are either sealed or unavailable.

The Importance of Crime Record Checks

Criminal background checks can help employers determine whether a candidate’s past behavior could negatively affect their ability to perform the duties of a position and/or pose a potential risk to clients and colleagues.

Crime Record Check

Despite not being foolproof, past behavior often predicts the future. The EEOC guidelines require that past behavior be carefully considered on an individual basis. A criminal record check has a default scope of seven years. To the extent permitted by law, extended scope searches of 10 years for a full criminal history are available at an additional cost to the client. In addition, criminal record checks can be conducted on a county, state, national, or international level.

Do You Need a Background or Crime Record Check?

At Affordable Background Checks, we believe that no one should be unable to perform background checks because the price is too high. We strive to offer you complete and extensive checks at a fair price that doesn’t sacrifice the quality of your results.

We also offer effective and affordable screening programs that are legal and relevant to your company’s needs. Allow us to create a customized background check or criminal record check to give you the insight you want to complete your hiring process.

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