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Background Check Major Traps

Tips to Avoid the Major Traps of Running Background Checks

It can be hard to trust anyone these days. Nearly every job application has the phrase “must be willing to submit to a background check”. It’s understandable why potential employers want to know that whoever they bring into their company is the right fit. The workplace should be a safe environment, and knowing that an employee’s background is clean can put administration and fellow employees at ease. This is especially important for childcare, high security jobs, customer service positions, and heavy-duty equipment drivers.

A background check can also come into play for other reasons. The government is required to run background checks on those who are looking to purchase guns. If the background check is faulty, not thorough, or is not conducted at all, it can put weapons in the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.

Whatever your reason for needing a background check, it is imperative that you trust the company conducting them. If the company conducting the check is not thorough enough, it could mean a lawsuit, should the employee turn out to be a bad hire and harm someone. There are also plenty of legal traps that can be avoided by being informed about proper background check procedure. Let’s give more into why they are important.

Traps to Avoid

Your company is looking to hire, and you have a list of prospective candidates that all look good on first sight. A background check is an important component to hiring the right candidate, but it is also imperative to trust the supplier of the information and be informed about the legal traps that can befall you, should you go about investigating the wrong way. Some things to look out for or avoid in the background check process are included below:

Making a Hiring Decision Based on a Faulty Background Check

It is incredibly important to trust the company that is providing the background check. Background checks are vital to knowing who is going to be representing your business or helping around your home. If the background check is not thorough enough or you have not given your employee their results to check for errors, then you can be liable for whatever might happen should something be missed. Criminal charges won’t always necessarily bar someone from getting a job, as job experience is important to the process of rehabilitation, but it definitely saves you from putting someone in a position where they might do harm to your company or or others.

Violating Screening Laws

Background checks are a basic part of the hiring process now, but even then, certain screening and hiring practices vary from state to state and even city to city. It is your job as the employer to be aware of these screening laws and to ensure your screening practices don’t accidentally violate one of these laws. It could mean a big problem if you do. If an employee feels they were unfairly screened based on local law, it is a one way ticket to a lawsuit.

Knowing How Thorough To Be

In addition to background checks, for your specific hiring process, it may be beneficial to go through additional screenings based upon the job the employee will be doing. Most educational or childcare facilities require a fingerprint screening. Other jobs may require drug testing as part of the screening process. It is the company’s decision on when it is good to engage in these extra steps, but it is important to know when to hold back.

Trust Affordable Background Checks

There are a litany of background check sites that will say they have the most thorough results at the best price. With Affordable Background Checks, you know right away that you’re getting the best deal on the market.

Candidate Selection After Background Check

Accurate service is guaranteed, as we compile search results from multiple resources to supply you with current and accurate reports that include everything that you need to know to make a solid decision.

We provide criminal records, marriage/divorce records, contact information, asset records, bankruptcy records, legal judgements, birth records, and personal details, so you know you’ve gone through every avenue to ensure your candidate is the right fit. So if you want thorough and accurate information about a potential hire or renter, contact us to start a search today.

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Gavin Muirhead has been involved in developing products for background checks and improving online experiences in the background screening industry since 2012. He is the lead author and editor of Affordable Background Checks.