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Types of Background Checks that You Can Do for Your New Hires

There are several kinds of background checks that can be performed for new hires, some more relevant than others depending on the type of job. It is a good idea to be aware of the kinds of background checks available so you can select those most appropriate for your workplace.

Also, always be sure to consult your local laws and regulations to be sure you’re within your legal scope. Laws vary from state to state so general guidance cannot be given. Further, be aware of the federal laws, as well, as these are often similar to and supersede state laws in many cases.

Types of Background Checks Available

  • ID checks are straightforward and probably one of the first kinds that come to mind when thinking about background checks. This check seeks to verify that a person’s stated name, address, social security number, and birthdate actually belong to them. It also verifies that the given social security number is not from a deceased person or marked as having been used fraudulently. Using a deceased person’s social security number is, of course, fraud. In other words, this background check ensures that the basic aspects of the person’s identity match the information they have given you.
  • A criminal background check is an important step for any hiring decision, regardless of the type of job. This will reveal charges against an individual (including pending or dropped charges), whether they have been to jail or prison, felonies, and misdemeanors, including relatively minor things like public intoxication. It will also show more serious offenses that are violent. This check should reveal these items at the county, state, and federal level.
  • Credit checks. You might have to conduct this check if the position you are seeking to fill allows the employee access to financial aspects of the business or personal financial information of your clients/customers. This checks the repayment history and if the potential employee is good on their word to repay debt. If they are struggling, you may wish to rethink allowing them access to financial information.
  • A motor vehicle background check gives you the person’s history in their driving record, including accidents, DUI charges, type of license held, whether they have ever been suspended or had their license revoked, etc. This is mostly used for jobs where an employee is expected to drive goods or even people around. For example, hiring a truck driver often requires a specialized license. Although many companies might provide the training necessary, it is important to verify someone holds a licensing credential they claim to hold prior to allowing them to bypass any training/start on the job. It increases safety and reduces your company’s liability.
  • A professional/educational check seeks to verify a person’s professional licenses. For example, a license to practice therapy in a given state or their educational credentials. This is especially important if the job requires a certain level of education or degree, if they require a four year degree from a university or a specific degree in a certain field. This way, you are confident the information stated in a resume is accurate. Note that checking for educational attainments usually takes longer than other forms of background checks. Licensing is mandatory for many positions, such as nursing, practicing surgery, therapy, etc. Lack of licensing not only opens you up to lawsuits upon hiring an unqualified candidate, but it puts customers/clients/patients at risk when being treated to by persons who do not hold the qualifications they claim to have.
  • Fingerprint checks. If the job you’re hiring for requires employees to access and use private or criminal information, it is best to have them complete a fingerprint background check, which compares their prints with the FBI’s database of criminal fingerprints. Note, this is a lengthier process and might even take a month before you receive results. Contact us for further information and laws in your state regarding this.
  • E-verify checks. Finally, an e-verify check is a good idea to ensure the individual is authorized to work in the country. Note that if the person does not pass the check, it does not automatically mean they are not authorized to work in the US. They simply may need to provide further clarification.

New Hiring Background Check

Affordable Background Checks

Affordable Background Checks will help you with your next hiring decision. We provide many types of checks at a lower price than competitors, making us the more affordable choice to perform a thorough search! Don’t let high prices compromise your and your customer’s safety or your company’s integrity. Contact us today with any questions you may have or to conduct one of the many types of checks available.

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