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Online Background Check

What Can Be Revealed in an Online Background Check?

There are many reasons why a background check can be performed. A person can request a background check on their own or the background check can be done by an employer on a prospective employee. A background check is a way to verify that a person is who he or she claims to be. There are many reasons why you could undergo a background check, from potentially being hired for a job to renting an apartment to purchasing a firearm.

Each type of these online background check has its own purpose and its own type of information that will be revealed. No matter why you plan on using the background check, the article below will give you a better understanding of information revealed in each report.

Employment Background Checks

An employment background check is used by the employer on all potential applicants to ensure that whomever they hire is not a threat to the workplace. An employer has the option of performing a pre-employment background check before the applicant is hired. The employer will need the applicant’s name, date of birth, a current or past address, social security number, and the consent of the applicant. Some things that this background check will reveal are related to the applicant’s education, work history, credit history, driving record, criminal record, and medical history.

With employment background checks, there is also the option of performing a more specific check. For example, if an employer is hiring for a financial advisor or accountant, then the background check can reveal if the applicant has the necessary certifications and licenses. The same can be applied to a position which requires driving, which would need a clean driving record.

E-Verify Background Checks

An employer will perform an E-Verify background check in order to compare and confirm the information a recently hired employee put on their I-9 form and what is in the government database. This background check is used to verify that the new employee is authorized to work in the United States.

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks can be used by any company or employer that needs to know more specific information about a person’s major criminal background. This background check will reveal information about violence or sex crimes, felony convictions, fraud, or embezzlement. Since criminal background checks reveal all types of information that can be sorted into different databases, it would make sense that criminal background checks pull from sources such as sex offender registries, federal and state criminal records, national criminal databases, and domestic and global watch lists.

Different states have different outputs of criminal information when you do an online criminal background check. For example, some criminal background checks will not show arrests because it is against state law. In this example, the state does not want the employer to factor in the number of arrests an applicant has when making a decision on whether or not they will hire that person.

Other states authorize release of this information solely for the purpose of allowing the employer to decide if they wish to have a person with this type of criminal background employed in their office.

A piece of information that will not show up on a criminal background check is a charge that has been sealed or expunged. In the eyes of the court, these charges no longer exist so they no longer show up on a background check.

More Information on Background Checks

The above information provides a very brief overview of the different types of online background checks and the information that each one will reveal. This is just a baseline to start, and you can get more information on these and many more background checks when you visit our Affordable Background Checks website.

Employee Background Check

We created this website to help you perform a background check at an affordable price. Though our background checks are affordable, the information revealed is comprehensive. We are able to provide you with quick results to help you make an educated determination.

All you have to do is type in the name of the person you want to search along with the state they live in and click search. In seconds, you will be provided with options to view their background. Through our website, you will be able to find out criminal records, marriage history, financial information, and much more. After using our website, you will be able to make a solid decision, knowing that you have received correct and thorough information from a well-researched background check.

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