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Hiring Employee

Why Your Background Check is Taking So Long

Background checks are a common place in the hiring process today. More employers are looking out not only for their businesses but also protecting their clientele from suffering the consequences of getting involved with unverified people. This is why as an employer, you need to be able to quickly verify the information that your potential employees provide on their resumes.

Unfortunately, verifying information isn’t always smooth sailing and sometimes you can run into delays. Let’s get into why your comprehensive background check can take a while.

Why You Need Background Checks

The final step in a hiring process is a background check. This entails verifying that the information that the candidate provided is accurate. While it may look like a small thing, not conducting a background check can open an employer, and their clients to a number of potential risks. Job seekers are not always truthful in their resumes and as an employer, you want to be sure that you get a candidate that can do exactly what they say they can do.

The main reason why you need to conduct background checks is because as an employer, you are required by law to provide a safe workplace for your employees. You are also responsible to some degree for the safety of the people who interact with your business, be it your customers, suppliers and vendors.

Hiring an unverified person who might harm any of these people can open your business up to lawsuits. It can be legally argued that you enabled the endangerment of a person by neglecting to conduct a comprehensive background check.

Another reason why you need to conduct a quick background check is so that you get only competent employees. Hiring a competent employee will help you save on the extra operation costs and man-hours that would otherwise be required to train an employee who may have padded their profile. By verifying a job seeker’s profile, you are also able to ensure the integrity of your business.

Inside robbery jobs are an employer’s worst fear. Because most times when a business is robbed it’s usually an inside job, it can cause you as a business owner a lot of anxiety. Conducting comprehensive background checks will enable you to get all the information that you need to make the hiring decision that will significantly reduce the risk of an inside job.

Additionally, conducting background checks can build the confidence of your employees in your business. This is because in knowing that you verify all your employees, they are able to believe that you only employ qualified people of integrity. This can motivate them to perform better at their jobs and increase productivity as opposed to hiring random people who may not know how to perform the tasks expected.

Why Background Checks May Take A While

Your employee background checks could be taking long because of red tape. You may not have the correct authorization to access certain databases from where you can get the information that you need. You may also not have the consent of the candidates that you’re looking into, causing delays in the verification process.

Not having enough information from your potential employee can also make it difficult to verify their profile. This is why you should encourage them to provide as much information about themselves as possible.

Verifying past experience can also be delayed because past employers may not always be available or forthcoming with information. In addition, you may need to verify many profiles, meaning more information to verify. More candidates to look into creates more work and elongates the wait time for verification.

Employee Background Check

How We Can Help

Lucky for you, this is where Affordable Background Checks comes in. We are a reputable background checking firm with experience in providing different verification services including employee background checks. We take pride in offering comprehensive and extensive background checks at the most affordable prices.

Our massive databases provide an invaluable pool of information from where we are able to retrieve information on just about anyone. This makes it possible for us to then compile quality reports using results from numerous sources. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to provide you with the information you need without waiting too long.

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