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Pre-employment Professional License Check

A Comprehensive Guide To A Professional License Check

Professional licenses or certificates are required for some professions and industries. These licenses are regulations that are normally established and implemented at the state level. The essence of this license and certification is to guarantee that people working in certain professions or sectors are competent, appropriately trained, ethical, and trustworthy.

Which Jobs Need A Professional License

Professional licenses or certificates are required for various professionals like lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, real estate agents, therapists, counselors, and building contractors. Employers who hire for these positions will frequently do a professional license verification in their vetting process. Aside from these major professions, there are also other jobs in which the employee needs to be licensed; some of them include truck drivers, electricians, and others.

Why is A Professional License Check Important?

The verification of professional licenses is an important aspect of the pre-employment background check. If you just review a candidate’s license without checking with the state, you may expose yourself to litigation.

The following are some reasons why confirming a candidate’s professional licenses is important:


A Professional License Check is important because it is illegal for an individual to be employed or practice a profession that requires licensing or certification when that person does not possess the necessary license or certification. Also, it is illegal for an employer to recruit someone for a position for which he or she is not duly licensed. For instance, a legal firm might find itself in deep water if it hires someone who does not have the license to practice law in the state where the firm is located. The same is true for hospitals looking for doctors or nurses, schools looking for teachers, and electrical firms looking for electricians. Most companies will conduct professional license verification during their background checks to prevent the penalties of hiring an unlicensed, untrained worker.


Besides the legal implications of hiring an unlicensed person for a licensed position, employers also use these professional license verifications to protect their patients, pupils, customers, or clients. License-required jobs are frequently high-risk or high-stakes. Only someone with specialized expertise, abilities, or experience can do these tasks without potentially causing harm. Businesses must prevent these consequences—and the associated responsibility and lawsuits—by validating licenses and certificates.

Fake or Forged

Licenses are susceptible to forgery. People can forge licenses or certificates just to get hired, and detecting a forged or fake certificate is usually difficult. The only way to verify this is through a background check.

State Documentations Differ

People that worked in different states might have different records. For instance, some states require voluntary reporting regarding criminal convictions.

Professional license verification allows you to learn about an applicant’s background in any state where he or she has resided or been licensed. This can assist you in obtaining a complete picture of an applicant’s background so that you can make an informed decision when hiring.

How Is Professional License Check Done?

Professional license verifications are done the same way that other background checks, like education verifications, are done. A background check on education entails contacting universities, colleges, and other educational institutions to confirm the information on a candidate’s résumé. Similarly, if a job applicant claims to have a certain license or certification, a prospective employer can confirm that information by using a professional license check service.

What Is Checked In A Professional License Check?

A professional license verification entails contacting the agency or board that issued the applicant’s license as well as verifying other areas where the applicant lived previously. This kind of report will include the following information:

  • License classification
  • Certificate Number
  • Date of issuance
  • Date of expiration
  • Disciplinary measures or punishments
  • Current or Valid license

When your organization hires employees to do work that needs a license, getting this information correct is crucial.

HR Checking License Check Report

How Affordable Background Checks Can Assist You

Every day, our clients benefit from the extensive and precise information they receive from Affordable Background Checks, allowing them to make better-informed decisions. Hiring a professional can be complicated, and it usually involves research. If you need information about an applicant’s professional license, our background check services will help you. Please browse our website for additional information on the many services and background checks we provide to our clients. You can also call us directly for more information.

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