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Employee Hiring

Common False Impressions of Employee Background Checks

Nearly everything we do in today’s world requires a look into our background in some form or another. Background checks offer peace of mind and give you the full picture of an individual and their past. However, even with the broad use of background checks, there are some common false impressions that you may have of people when you see their results. It’s important to know how to interpret this information so you don’t pass on a potentially good employee or associate.

Some common false impressions people running background checks may have are that they aren’t necessary, they don’t know what kind of information is collected, that all types of checks are the same, or that they’re too expensive to be worth it. Actually, none of these beliefs are accurate!

Why should I run a background check?

A background check isn’t designed to make a hiring decision for you, it’s just an extra step to help make sure that the decision you’ve already made is a good one. A background check can help protect you from risky hiring decisions and liability later on if the applicant is hiding a less-than-upstanding past.

Background checks also show your commitment to the safety of your team and your customers. Often, just the knowledge that an employer will run a background check is enough to deter an applicant with a violent criminal history.

Finally, background checks keep people honest. They allow you to verify the claims that the applicant makes about his or her background and qualifications. Again, an individual is much more likely to be honest when they know that you are going to verify what they’re telling you.

Information in a Background Check

Not all background checks are the same, and there is no one universal “check” that looks at every record out there. Some of the various records that are on a background check include:

  • Criminal records
  • Birth records
  • Marriage records
  • Divorce records
  • Bankruptcy filings
  • Arrest records
  • Contact information
  • Judgements
  • Personal details

Background checks can be commercial, criminal, employment pre-screening checks, or checks to verify current employment of an individual.

Background Checks are Not an Invasion of Privacy

A reputable background report provider will use public records that are available by legal means. They often have access to more levels of reporting than the general public, which means they can access databases that have large amounts of information.

In today’s digital age, public information is readily available. Background checks are so commonplace that it’s become more of an expectation than an invasion. Background checks are designed to give you objective information on an individual so that you can make the best decision for yourself and your business.

Background Checks are Not Expensive

Background checks vary in cost depending on how in-depth they are and the provider that you choose. On average, they cost anywhere from $15 to $100 per report, or you can partner with a subscription service that offers multiple background checks for an affordable monthly fee.

Take into consideration how much it costs to hire an employee that doesn’t work out. Besides the initial administrative costs for onboarding and weeks of training, you will have to deal with potentially lower productivity, morale problems, unreliability, and ultimately have to replace the employee if they quit or have to be let go. That doesn’t even take into consideration the potential costs of hiring someone who is later discovered to have an undesirable past history. Consider this for a moment: a single bad hire, on average, costs the employer $15,000. That’s much less than the cost of a simple background check.

Employee Background Check Report

Affordable Background Checks Will Help

At Affordable Background Checks, we will provide a comprehensive background report in just minutes. The report will include any criminal records, arrests, marriage and divorce records, legal judgements, bankruptcy filings, birth records, and verification of contact information and personal details to verify identity.

We guarantee that our services will provide you with accurate information so that you can make sound decisions for your business. We believe that everyone should have access to this information before bringing someone into their home or business, so we work tirelessly to provide you with accurate information at an affordable price. Contact us today so that we can get to work for you to help you build the best team possible for your business.

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