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Private Data Extraction

Do Background Check Reports Contain Personal Details?

The uncertainty that looms in the processes of online dating or hiring new employees can leave one vulnerable to potential risk of disaster; it can be difficult to know who you can trust both in your personal life or professional capacity. Fortunately, advancements in technology have afforded us the ability to be more certain of who we are dating or dealing with on a daily basis, and what potential risks, if any, we should be aware of. Background checks often contain personal details about the individual in question, but can be specific in relevance to your inquiry. For instance, you may want to know about an individual’s marital record if you are dating them, but not necessarily if you are hiring them as an employee. Here are a few different types of personal details background checks may generally contain:

Identifying facts

Verifying a person’s identity can be tricky, especially in an era of heightened identity theft. Knowing the basics about a person can be helpful in itself, and while this is a critical step in developing any kind of relationship with another person, whether personal or professional, not everyone is forthcoming about such basic information. Learning about someone’s educational background, age, occupation, relatives, or marital status can tell you a lot about a potential date, for instance—it can even spare you the heartache of dealing with lies and deception. You may also find information about his or her social media accounts. You can even look into one’s address history if you are looking for a new apartment tenant, for instance.

Employment verification

This is a fancy term for making sure an individual is actually who he or she claims to be. This usually involves running the person’s social security number through a federal database. Employment verification will give you personal details about one’s citizenship and whether or not they are able to work or reside in the United States. While basic, this can keep you from dealing with illegal employment situations.

Criminal background

County, state, and federal crimes should all be examined when performing a criminal background check. Misdemeanors and felonies are not the only relevant information when hiring a prospective employee or dating a new person. You can also get details about past arrests, pending, acquitted, or dismissed charges, or any outstanding warrants the individual may have. When your safety or the safety of others is in on the line, it is best to be as thorough as possible. Of course these personal details about someone’s life can be viewed as an opportunity to understand how they have changed and evolved over time, but they can also eliminate potential risk from your life or business.

Driving record

Other personal details about someone might include information about their driving record. If you are hiring someone, for instance, to be a taxi driver or commercial truck driver, this information is especially pertinent. You can gather information about previous traffic accidents or violations that may include DUI’s and suspended or invalid driver’s licenses. Safety in the workplace usually includes an aspect of liability; it is your job as the employer to ensure the safety of others—this may include others on the road in cases where driving is a key component of the position being offered.

Background Check

Final thoughts

Background checks offer personal details in several aspects of one’s life, making it easy to find out more specific information about someone you are choosing to give an opportunity to. While this may feel like a violation of privacy to some, it is a necessary component of business and relational success in our society. Identity theft or severe criminal history is generally basis for not hiring someone, and the ultimate discretion is left in the hands of the employer. Discrepancy in your love interests statements may be warning signs of future trouble, warranting a background check to alleviate your worries. Whatever your questions are that need answering, Affordable Background Checks can help. We offer our background checks and services at lower costs because we believe that everyone deserves higher degrees of certainty before drawing a conclusion or making a decision. Suspicion doesn’t get you any closer to the answer—let us help you make more informed choices.

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