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Small Businesses Background Check Benefits

How Can Small Businesses Profit from Background Checks?

If you own a small business, you know that the reputation of your establishment hinges on hiring the right staff. You have to be able to know without a doubt that the people who help you run your business are trustworthy and will work just as hard as you to help your passion thrive.

Many small business owners decide to forgo background checks because they feel that the application and interview processes will weed out anyone who may not be right for the job. However, these standard procedures may not reveal unsavory facts hidden underneath the surface.

Let’s look at how your small business can profit from background checks and keep its reputation spotless!

Saving Time and Money

The consequences of hiring an employee who is not suited for the job at hand can and will deplete your time and resources. As a small business owner, you know that both of these things are precious and not to be wasted.

Instead of going with your impressions based on what you hear during an interview, having a background check done on all potential employees will ensure that you are hiring people you can trust. This will save you from having to start the application and interview process all over again.

When you do have to fire an employee and start over, the other members of your staff have to pick up the extra work that is being neglected, and as a result, tensions may run high. In the end, losing another employee due to stress or risking poor customer service will negatively impact your profits. With background screenings, you will minimize the risk of these consequences.

Avoiding Lawsuits

Hiring applicants that harm your business or employees may put your dreams and your career to an end. Your small business cannot afford any negative press. This is why it’s vital that you screen your potential employees thoroughly.

For example, if you hire someone with a violent criminal past and your other staff members or customers are harmed, they are within legal rights to file a lawsuit against you for negligent hiring practices. As the owner, you are expected to keep those who work for you and who consume your products/services as safe as you can.

Implementing background checks as part of the hiring process protects everyone, including you, from harm financially and physically.

Glowing Reputation = Larger Profits

If you only hire those who you know not to have violent tendencies and who are serious about the job, you create a safe work environment. Employees who feel safe and comfortable working together make your business thrive through great customer service and a job well done.

Reviews are a huge part of your reputation today, and your reviews will only be as good as the service you and your staff provide. Not only are customers reviewing the product, but they are also reviewing the way they are treated while dealing with your staff. If your staff is happy, the customers will leave better reviews. Better reviews bring in more business, resulting in more profits for you.

Where to Have Background Checks Done

When you request background checks on applicants, you have to have these done through a business you can trust. While many sites can be trusted, not all of them offer affordable services. You do not have to worry about choosing expensive background check services just to keep your reputation as a business owner intact.

Affordable Background Checks is both trustworthy and understanding of your need to save your financial resources for other important business expenses. Our employee background check service thoroughly searches databases to report on an applicant’s:

  • criminal record
  • sex offender status
  • past drug test results
  • credit reports

Employee Background Check

In addition to this, the screening will verify if what the applicant has told you is the truth. Background checks are essential to the safety and growth of your business as well as all staff members, customers, and yourself. It is one business expense that is vital and severely underrated.

Avoid hiring mistakes and lawsuits. Screen your potential employees with Affordable Background Checks. Contact us today to find out how easily and quickly we can help you vet your potential employees.

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Gavin Muirhead

Gavin Muirhead has been involved in developing products for background checks and improving online experiences in the background screening industry since 2012. He is the lead author and editor of Affordable Background Checks.