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National Background Check Before Hiring

How Can You Use National Background Check Records in Your Hiring Decisions?

Employers often have to consider numerous applicants while going through the hiring process.  A critical component of this process is a background check. Background checks allow you to quickly verify a potential employee’s past work experience and preemptively search for any important information that the applicant may have kept hidden. Background checks can also expose untruthful information that potential candidates have attempted to pass off as factual. Finally, they help expose any criminal activity that applicants might have previously engaged in.

Background checks offer you peace of mind while trying to find the right person to join your team, and make your hiring process a lot smoother. Let’s take a closer look at the many values of running a background check on a potential employee during your hiring decision.

Identity Verification

Identity Verification is a way for employers to authenticate that a candidate is who they claim to be on their application or in their interview. A background check usually involves the verification of the applicant’s social security number and anything associated with that unique number, such as past addresses or previous places of employment. It is the most common type of background check. A background check can uncover inconsistencies in information that applicants have provided as well as unfounded embellishments on their resumes. They can also authenticate education degrees and certifications claimed on resumes and applications.

Credit Check

An applicant’s credit information can be included in a background check. This information is mainly used when hiring for financial positions or anywhere where fraud and embezzlement could occur. It can show a record of their credit-to-debt ratio or if they’ve successfully paid off their credit cards and bills in the past. It can also show their credit and debt history, including if they’ve ever declared bankruptcy. It is the same type of information a landlord would consult before deciding to rent a unit to a particular tenant.

Credit checks aren’t something you should skip when considering potential candidates for your job listing. According to one study, an applicant with a problematic financial history is nearly twice as likely to commit theft as one without a history of financial problems.

International Background Check

An international background check can be utilized when you are considering an employee who has recently lived, worked, or traveled out of the country. International background checks pull information from various countries, such as an applicant’s international criminal records, education, and employment verification. This kind of background check helps catch discrepancies that aren’t on record in the U.S. They are the most lengthy background check to acquire, since each country has unique laws, and some countries prohibit the acquisition of relevant records.

Criminal Background Check

This kind of background check will list previous arrest records, including outstanding warrants, prior sentences, and history of jail time. It will also show any upcoming criminal cases or looming legal action. This kind of background check ensures that you and those you work with remain in a safe, danger-free environment and that you can reasonably trust the employees that you hire.

Dangers of Foregoing Background Checks

Background checks are a must if you want to guarantee the success of both your employees and your business. Without performing these checks, you run the risk of hiring a dishonest employee and incurring the consequences associated with a poor hire. A quick pre-screening will shed light on any discrepancies in potential employee’s applications or information. This will help protect company assets, lessen potential risk, and avoid the possibility of lawsuits from negligent hiring practices.

Employee Background Check

Affordable Background Checks

At Affordable Background Checks, we offer cost-effective means of vetting potential employees before you hire them. We don’t think that any employer should go without necessary background checks because of outrageous pricing. That’s why we offer a variety of complete and extensive background checks at reasonable prices, all while maintaining high-quality results.

Whether you need to do a basic identity verification check or a criminal background check, Affordable Background Checks will get you the information you need as quickly as possible, and as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We take the hassle out of background checks to help make your job a little easier.

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