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Bankruptcy Record

Importance of a Person’s Bankruptcy Record

Finances are the source of stress for most people in the US, even worldwide. They cause strain on an individual’s everyday life and remain the number one cause of relationship difficulties amongst couples. Unfortunately, in today’s world of debt, it isn’t out of the ordinary for people to live beyond their means, or to make financial decisions that wind up coming back to haunt them. With the swipe of a credit card, you can make large purchases easily, but can just as easily get into financial trouble. When people get in too deep financially, bankruptcy is a common option that can help bail them out of the situation.

The Conflicting Concepts of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy doesn’t have to be the awful thing that people make it out to be—in fact, it has helped countless individuals start their lives over, debt-free. Unfortunately, this black cloud follows the individual around for years to come, and is often made public for all to see. On the other hand, it can be helpful for an online dater or a prospective employer to know more about someone’s bankruptcy history—it can be a preventive factor when beginning a business or romantic relationship. It’s important, however, to view individuals who have filed for bankruptcy as having made somewhat of a smart financial decision, after all. What matters most is their financial activity since. You might also be interested in their occupational details or information about their current assets.

Financial Dependability

Knowing about a person’s history of bankruptcy might raise some eyebrows, and rightfully-so. If you have a vested interest in someone’s finances, for whatever reason, knowing about their bankruptcy record can give you more background information of the person’s financial dependability. For instance, if you’re going into business with someone, you might consider conducting a background check to find out more about their financial history—including any evidence of bankruptcy. Again, just because someone has filed bankruptcy doesn’t mean they are irresponsible; on the contrary, they could have made the most well-informed decision possible at the time and spared them a life of financial hardship. You might choose to look for another financial partner upon the discovery of their past bankruptcy, which could certainly save you from a bad business deal. On the other hand, this information might open the door for a discussion about how much the person learned since their experience with bankruptcy.

The Context of the Bankruptcy is Important

There is more to consider than simply whether or not someone is financially dependable after bankruptcy; other factors could have greatly contributed to the path that lead them to the choice to file bankruptcy. It is important to keep in mind that every individual situation is different. The age the person was when they had to file bankruptcy or when they made poor financial choices could mean that they were simply uneducated about money and debt at the time and have since been able to start fresh. They’re not necessarily a bad person, they may have just made some less-than-favorable decisions at one point in their life—which we all can relate to. Again, filing for bankruptcy could be the smartest move for many people, and if they have had a good track record since, then it’s at least worth a conversation.

Bankrupt Person

Our Contribution

At Affordable Background Checks, you can access pertinent details of someone’s financial past, such as bankruptcy filings, that can give you the ability to make a more well-informed decision about them. In addition to bankruptcy records, we can also provide you with asset records, legal judgements, and personal details such as educational background, income, age, and occupation. Making educated decisions when it comes to someone’s past and future is critical—jumping to conclusions about someone isn’t responsible, and having the hard facts can not only further protect you as an individual, but a business or a company as well. Furthermore, keep in mind that just because someone has filed bankruptcy does not mean they are financially non-dependable or irresponsible; it is simply a jumping-off point for discussion. Beginning with a background check can help establish a relationship with transparency. For more information about the services we provide, look at our website more in-depth or contact us directly.

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