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Background Check

How Far Does a Background Check Go to Unearth the Truth?

Many companies perform background checks before hiring someone. It is essential to determine that they are trustworthy and that they have been truthful in their resume and application. Some companies, such as financial institutions or those who work with children have rules about potential employees in place to protect coworkers and clients alike. Running a background check is essential to make sure that these individuals meet the minimum standards to work for a company.

Although we mostly think of companies running background checks, they are not the only ones doing so. Individuals run background checks all the time on other people. For instance, a person or family member may run a background check on a potential relationship individual to ensure they are safe and tell the truth. Parents may run a background check on a nanny or regular babysitter to ensure their family and home are secure in their hands.

What types of background checks can be done?

Typically, people will run a criminal background check or an employment background check. It depends on what type of information someone is looking for.

  • Criminal Background Check: If the person or organization is interested in preventing crime or violence in their company, they may request a criminal background report. A criminal background check will look for arrest records, all sentences, jail time history, and any related information, as well as any outstanding warrants. This will be an extensive report and should list all criminal activity associated with this individual.
  • Employee Background Check: An employee background check is a little bit different. It will include a criminal background check and will also include credit reports, drug test results, and sex offender reports. However, there are states where marijuana is now legal. It is illegal (except in a few situations) to use drug use of a legal substance against an individual. Because of this, the drug report may look different in states where recreational marijuana is legal versus where it is illegal.

Other Background Checks

Aside from ordering a criminal report or potential employee report, you may be interested in other information available. There are many different types of background checks that can be requested. Here are a few of the more popular specific options.

  • Birth Records: Birth records are simply where a person was born and when. This is a report you would want to verify when someone is being honest on a resume or application.
  • Personal Details: Personal details are the basic identifiers for an individual. For instance, their age, their current marital status, and their occupation record, income, and education records. This is a popular check for basic information. For instance, if someone wants to run this as a personal check on a potential significant other, they may want to verify the person is not married or that they do not have a violent criminal past.
  • Legal Judgements: This would include a record of any judgment against them or if they have ever been sued.
  • Bankruptcy Records: This is a public record, and it will allow you to know if an individual has filed for bankruptcy within a certain time frame. Some states will keep these records public for 7 to 10 years.
  • Asset Records: Asset records are vital for divorce hearings and getting in business with someone. This report will list all assets in their own name or the name of the business they are running.
  • Marriage/Divorce Records: You can discover whether an individual is currently married or if they ever were divorced in the past.
  • Contact Information: Contact information is essential, including their current email, phone number, and address. However, it can also include a history of different addresses they lived at and any social media accounts they have that are public.

Employee Background Check

Trust Affordable Background Checks For All Your Background Needs

There are many different reasons a person or business may want to run a background check on an individual. At Affordable Background Checks, we understand the need to be safe and cautious before making any decision, including trusting new people in our lives or hiring a new employee.

If you want to do a background check and are unsure where to start, we can help you at Affordable Background Checks. The search will be deep and go far back into any person’s history so you can feel confident interacting with an individual. Call us today to get started quickly!

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