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Checking Background Check Report

I Got the Background Check Report. Now What?

There are a variety of reasons why someone may want to perform a background check, and depending on your goals, the reason for the report will dictate what you are to do with the results. For instance, if you are an online dater and find yourself falling in love with someone you’ve never met in-person, you may feel inclined to know more about his or her life before getting serious—potential arrests, marriages, divorces, financial situation, occupation, educational history, etc. If you have strong feelings about violence, and your prospective dater has a lengthy history of assault and battery, you might reconsider getting involved with that person after getting the results of a background check. In another scenario, a potential employer may perform a background check on an applicant in the beginning stages of the hiring process. If the results indicate discrepancies that are relevant to the position, such as conflicting educational background information given on his/her résumé, then they may first address it with the applicant, or focus on other candidates.

Focus on the desired areas

Analyzing the results of a background check report is easy, especially if you use an online service; everything is clearly labeled, and you will get the information quickly. You can even be selective about what type of information you are looking for in your background checks. For instance, if you are dating online and utilize a background check on your suitor, you may only be interested in finding out if they are currently married, divorced, or single. Or, if you are an employer conducting a background screening before hiring an individual, you can select an employee pre-screening background check option that will only look for information that is pertinent to the position being offered. You may also only want to look into an individual’s contact information, for instance, to verify a valid current address if you are looking for a tenant to rent a room to.

Make your search extensive

Background checks are not limited to a few simple options, but you can also extend the use background checks to look into an individual’s national background. Federal background checks will take you beyond the limitations of local search results of arrests or court records, but on a national level, indicating if the person has been convicted of a crime in another state. A crime committed in a different state is just as relevant as one that happened in the state where you live when it comes to hiring someone—they can become a serious risk and liability to the business, causing you to have to deal with a potential legal situation. Even worse, if an employee’s violent history was overlooked and he or she causes harm to another individual at work, your company can be held liable—it won’t matter what state their violent history occurred in.

Allow candidates to prove their dedication

Background checks are important for the safety of others, but also to help us be informed decision-makers. A background check with some questionable results doesn’t necessarily have to be condemning to another person; it could be looked at as an opportunity for a discussion. Learning more about another person before committing to them in any capacity is typical, and understanding that people make mistakes is key in order to properly process whatever results come up in a background check. If you’re willing, or able, giving the individual an opportunity to explain their dedication to making changes can help you understand their potential for dedicating themselves to whatever it is you’re asking of them—whether it be job opportunity or potential marriage.

Background Check

Try it with ‘Affordable Background Checks’

Affordable Background Checks provides endless solutions based on what will best suit your needs. Whether you are looking for local/county, national/federal, criminal, or civil records, you can access them easily, at a low cost, and with high efficiency and accuracy by using Affordable Background Checks. Performing a simple, but accurate background check could lead you to a loving, trusting future relationship, or to discovering the employee that you almost passed up at first glance. Protecting yourself, your business, or your employees is critical before committing to a relationship with another person, whether a significant other, tenant, or employee. Take a look at our website and you’ll notice that making informed decisions is easier with Affordable Background Checks.

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