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Children with Nanny

Is it Wise to Leave Your Child with a Nanny?

Leaving your child alone with a babysitter or nanny for the first time can be an emotionally challenging experience. Even if you trust the individual, there tends to be anxiety and fear that something may happen while the child is not in your care. In reality, it is quite common for people to leave their children with nannies and babysitters frequently. Two-income households often require babysitting and nanny services, and these markets are becoming increasingly important in today’s society. However, it is of course important that research is done prior to choosing a nanny; finding an experienced and qualified nanny will help you feel more secure.

Background check of nanny is important

Overcoming the fear of leaving your child with another person is difficult, but necessary at times. All of the duties of adulthood combined with the needs of your child can be overwhelming at times; doing what is best for your family is a judgment call that is best decided by you and your family alone. To ease some of your discomfort and ensure the best outcome, it is wise to look into background checks, certain health-related issues, and qualifications, such as CPR certification, of the people you choose to leave your child with. Having a reliable, healthy, and qualified person who is experienced in child-care and knowledgeable about child development is the best way to ensure your child’s safety and well-being at all times.

Nannies can help reduce your stress

Depending on your particular situation, having a nanny may relieve some much needed pressure and stress that will allow you to have more time to run errands, get some housework done, have a date-night with your partner, or even a day to yourself to relax and re-center. Decreasing stress and collecting your thoughts is proven to help create a more family-oriented atmosphere by giving parents a chance to recharge their batteries and refocus on their family priorities. In this sense, leaving your child with a nanny can be a wise choice for your entire family; it can promote an overall healthier environment in the household if there is an extra set of hands to help ease some of the workload and stress.

Nannies should be knowledgeable

Still, being preoccupied with the thought of your child’s safety and well-being can be tough to manage. The better you know the nanny, the higher the chances are that you’ll be more comfortable when leaving your child in their care. This is precisely why having someone who is knowledgeable about child development concepts is an important aspect of choosing the right nanny for you and your child. Another important issue that should be considered when leaving your child with a nanny is his or her individual stage of development and specific type of attachment to you. This transition can be made more smoothly by involving your child in the process of choosing a nanny. You can find out what your child finds important in a caregiver, and have him or her meet prospective candidates. The more you can prepare your children for a transition, the better.

Nanny Helping Child in Learning

Think about your child’s growth

Finding a nanny that can nurture your child’s individual qualities, as well as provide an educational and growth-promoting experience for your child will make adding a nanny to your family a worth-while undertaking. Having people in your child’s life that are warm and care for his or her best interest is always an added benefit, especially if they will be spending a significant amount of time with your child. It can also be helpful to provide the nanny with specific activities you would like them to incorporate into their time with your child; activities that occupy your child’s time, express energy and creativity, or help him or her to feel connected to you despite your absence, are ways that can make the experience of having a nanny more meaningful to your children and their future.

Bottom line

Although leaving your child with a nanny can be difficult, it is certainly a necessary choice for many people. While spending as much time with your children as possible is important to their growth and development, it is also healthy and natural to spend time away from one another. Giving each other space to develop individual strengths as well as bonds with others makes for a happier family altogether.

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Gavin Muirhead

Gavin Muirhead has been involved in developing products for background checks and improving online experiences in the background screening industry since 2012. He is the lead author and editor of Affordable Background Checks.