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Criminal Background Check

Proper Protocols for Performing Criminal Background Checks

To ensure that companies hire the right people for the right jobs, they need to perform a background check. Having accurate information is essential in the hiring process but can be time consuming. You need a reliable background checking service with a set of precise protocols to make sure the check is both legal and accurate.

A background check provides detailed information about a person’s history. Affordable Background Checks performs research through a massive database to ensure that you receive the information required for any hiring process.

Background checks help employers make an informed decision on possible employees. It will verify work history and a person’s honesty about their past. Due to the amount of research completed, background checks can be expensive. At Affordable Background Checks, we believe that everyone should be able to complete a background check at a fair price.

Information Included in a Background Check

Background checks will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about an applicant. Our database and experienced professionals will ensure that you get accurate information fast. Background checks include information such as:

  • Personal information: Personal information will be collected during a background check. This will include birth records, education, age, contact information, social media accounts, and emails.
  • Criminal records: A background check will provide you with the criminal history of an applicant. This will include arrest records, jail time, warrants, sexual offenses, and drug test results.
  • Financial information: A financial background check will include bankruptcy records, assets owned, and a credit report.
  • Court cases: It may be important to know if a person has a legal judgment against them. This could show if a person has been convicted of a crime, such as battery, robbery, or sexual assault.

Protocols to Follow During a Background Check

To ensure that a background check is done completely and within compliance, it is important to follow a protocol. This means you need to complete the same tasks each time to verify that all applicants are the best fit for you. Here are some things to consider:

  • Know the state/federal laws: You must follow the laws of the state that your company is based in. Different states prevent you from performing certain background checks. For example, in Arizona, you are not allowed to ask about criminal history on job applications.
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA): The FCRA requires you to tell an applicant that you will perform a background check on them.
  • Drug tests: Drug tests are often standard when considering hiring a person. Depending on the state, certain jobs require drug screening. However, in most cases, it is optional. Check your state laws. In most cases, you have the right to request a drug screen for specific drugs.
  • References: Check all references provided. A surprising amount of people lie on their resumes. A good practice would be to have a set of questions that you ask each reference according to laws of your state. Use this time to verify information on the resume.
  • Inform applicant: Inform your applicant of any findings that come up in a background check and provide them a chance to make a rebuttal to any information found. If the results come back favorable, continue with the hiring process.

Performing background checks is a time consuming process. Luckily, Affordable Background Checks will assist you in obtaining detailed information about your prospective employee. We will provide accurate criminal, personal, and background verification checks fast and accurately.

Employer Checking Resume

Affordable Background Checks

When deciding to go with Affordable Background Checks, you ensure that you are getting the best price for extensive background checks. Our experts make sure that nothing stays hidden so you can make an informed decision when hiring employees. We offer a variety of background checking services to suit any need to include:

Affordable Background Checks knows all the rules and regulations of every state and will provide you reliable information that is 100% verified and accurate. The process does not have to be complicated. We will ensure that you get your results back quickly with a price that other background checking services can not offer. Contact us today.

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