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Employee Driving Record Check

The Hidden Benefits of Checking Driving Records

There are likely to be many more individuals driving on behalf of your company. The following professions come to mind: sales representatives, customer service representatives, attorneys, accountants, consultants, etc. It is possible for these workers to put the safety of your organization at risk even if they use their own vehicles on the job. Consequently, your company may be held liable for the actions of its employees on the road-actions. This could result in a high-increase in insurance premiums, not to mention public relations headaches and damage to your company’s reputation.

Monitoring the Driving Record of Your Employees is Vital

Let us assume that three months after your new employee passes their initial driving record check, they lose their license one Saturday night due to a DUI (Driving Under the Influence). They may not come to you on Monday morning and inform you that their license has been suspended. Instead, they may keep quiet because their job depends upon them being able to drive while working. If the employee continues to drive while the license has been suspended and is involved in an accident while driving for your company, you are liable as the employer.

The good news is that by monitoring your employee’s driving records, you can reduce this risk. Whenever changes occur to an employee’s motor vehicle records, you will be notified. Taking corrective action soon after you become aware of the situation will ensure that the person won’t be driving for your company in the future.

Monitoring Driving Records works as follows:

To establish a baseline, at Affordable Background Checks, we run a driving record background check. Checking driving records is a way to find out the history of a person’s legal ability to be behind the wheel of a car. The report contains information on crimes involving vehicle suspensions, accidents, traffic violations, restrictions, license types, statuses, license expirations, unpaid parking tickets, and, in some states, unpaid child support.

A continuous monitoring of the driver’s driving records is conducted on an ongoing basis. As soon as the initial driving record check is completed, you have established an in-depth report on the driver. From that point forward, our system simply monitors the driver’s driving record.

The system is alerted whenever new information is entered into the driver’s motor vehicle record. As a result, we pull the driving records to determine what new information has been provided and alert you to the new problem.

Monitoring driving records can provide the following benefits:

  • You protect your brand and employees by monitoring their driving records: By monitoring Driving Records, we aim to ensure the safety of everyone on the road: the employee who drives, anyone who is driving with them (such as coworkers), and other drivers. We place a high priority on the safety of our citizens. As well as protecting your brand, monitoring Driving Records will also help you avoid bad press and expensive lawsuits arising from negligent retention.
  • Monitoring driving records is an easy and convenient addition to other background check services: In addition to random drug testing, criminal monitoring, and social media monitoring, monitoring driving records is a great complement to other post-hire employment monitoring. Safer and more productive workplaces can be achieved through these solutions.
  • There is no cost associated with monitoring driving records: It is only necessary to monitor your driver’s driving records each month, and the cost of this service can be offset by the fact that your company will not have to conduct full background checks each year on each employee who drives on your behalf.

There is only a monitoring fee charged if no changes are made to the individual’s driving records. A change in the individual’s motor vehicle record is alerted to the system, and the Driving Records check is initiated to determine what the new information is, but this is only applicable to employees whose Driving Records contain new information.

Please note that the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires annual rescreening of driving records for certain industries. The monitoring of driving records alone would not be sufficient to meet DOT requirements in those situations.

Deter Dangerous Driving by Monitoring Driving Records

Monitoring driving records can have the same deterrent effect as random drug testing in the workplace. It is likely that some employees will refrain from reckless driving behaviors if they are aware that their driving records are being monitored. It is in your best interest to learn more about monitoring driving records of your employees. Contact us at Affordable Background Checks, and we can discuss your company’s needs in greater detail.

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Gavin Muirhead has been involved in developing products for background checks and improving online experiences in the background screening industry since 2012. He is the lead author and editor of Affordable Background Checks.