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Covid-19 Pandemic

The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Background Checks

COVID-19 is having significant influences on everything in day-to-day operations, and background checks are one of the areas where there have been delays reported. But why are background checks coming out slower?

The coronavirus pandemic has closed many businesses across the country, and included among those organizations are courthouses and county buildings. You will not be able to access the court records, criminal history, and other legal information as quickly when the buildings where the details are stored are shut down.

In some regions and for certain files, the data can be obtained virtually, so COVID-19 hasn’t made much of an impact. Let’s learn more about what to expect from background checks being delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic through the details provided here.

Court Closures and Background Checks

The court system is where you get the most up-to-date and accurate background check information. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires businesses that supply these services to use the most precise details from the county, federal, and state sources. During closures associated with COVID-19 restrictions, obtaining the data has been slow and sometimes impossible.

There are other places to get the information from as far as criminal history, but they are not always as reliable. By choosing to get the records for another source, you risk getting incomplete or outdated data. It’s up to you to be as vigilant as possible when reviewing the documents you obtain.

How to Get Background Checks Without Court Sources

If you decide to use a company that gets their data from somewhere other than a court, you have to be aware of the possible inaccuracies. Check to make sure they are one of the best background check providers in the industry with a history of providing both quick turnaround times and truthful information.

Before paying for a service, do some research and make sure that they can:

  • adequately search for online indexes that provided court case information
  • recognize where details may be missing or inaccurate
  • work with local court clerks and researchers
  • check both physical court records and online resources

In the event a background screening company tells you that absolutely no delays are occurring, you need to be leery. Chances are they are just trying to sell you on their products, and you could end up with less than desirable results.

Trusting Your Background Check Provider

Stay away from background screening companies that mention 100% up-to-date information available right now. There is a high probability they’re lying, and that’s not the way to start a stable relationship if you plan to require multiple services now or into the future.

Communication is vital, and you want to choose a background company that keeps you involved if there are setbacks. A reputable organization will also let you know if they can only provide partial details about the employee you’re considering hiring.

Hiring Employees Before Background Checks Come Back

Conditional hiring is one way to get people into your business to work while waiting for a delayed background check. Just make sure that you communicate with them that they are only employed with you temporarily until the results come back. That way, if something is uncovered that doesn’t agree with your company policies, you can make the final hiring decision later on.

You may want to consult with an attorney before offering this option to cover all of your bases and avoid legal troubles. They can help make sure your policies are set up appropriately and work with you to alter them if they need to be updated.

Job Interview

Affordable Background Checks is Who to Trust

At Affordable Background Checks, you can get the information you need before making a final decision. Whether you’re looking to add someone to your team of professionals or you’re questioning the new person in your life, you can get all the details about their past, including arrest records, jail records, court records, criminal records, and a complete people search.

Instead of wondering whether someone is telling you the truth, you can dig around and figure it out for yourself utilizing the plethora of services made available at Affordable Background Checks. Get marriage and divorce information, birth records, bankruptcy files, and much more at a reasonable price delivered securely to you as quickly as possible.

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