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Employee Screening

The Importance of Pre-Employment Screening and Verification

When it comes to employing people, you need to know the person you are hiring is being honest about their integrity. To do this, it is common to get a comprehensive background check. These checks can have major benefits for your business. Failure to do so can lead to problems with keeping your current personnel, theft of your property, and even legal trouble if your new hire injured one of your current employees. Let’s have a look at the significance of performing a pre-employment screening and fact verification report.

Narrows the Candidate Pool

The thing about job advertisements is that they often attract many applicants, especially with people looking for better opportunities. Choosing the best applicant from among a sea of applicants is no easy feat. This is where pre-employment screening can help you.

By verifying each applicant’s application details, you’ll be able to trim the number of candidates and retain the best among many. This will make your decision easier by having a small group of candidates whose credentials and backgrounds are verified to be as accurate as their resume or application states.

Reduces Risk to Your Business

Candidate background verification is a good way to minimize the risks that your business could be exposed to. Think about a potential employee who commits crimes, for instance fraud. If this occurs at your business, you will endure losses.

If such a person skips town and changes their name after their last fraudulent performance, they could easily get hired by you if you don’t conduct extensive verification checks. As a result, you will have opened your business to a fraudster who could repeat the same criminal act at your business, costing you a lot of money and frustration.

Keeps your Employees Safe

No one wants to work in an environment where they have to keep looking over their shoulder because they feel unsafe. As a result, the company’s production may suffer. This is why you should always ensure that you conduct pre-employment screening on all your candidates, so your employees know you have a set standard across the board.

Knowing that everyone underwent a thorough background verification will help your employees to be more relaxed at work. This will result in better productivity as all your employees will be able to trust each.

Having unverified employees can open your business up to many lawsuits if someone you hired harms a fellow employee. It is the responsibility of the employer to create a safe working environment for their staff. So, as much as it might be tedious, it’s important to not ignore background verification.

Saves Your Company Image

If you hire someone who does damage to another person’s property while on company time or harms a customer, this will fall on you to resolve it legally. This may also come with bad press and customer chatter about what happened to whom, and concerns if it could happen to them too. This can create a PR nightmare for your business, especially if it gets to the point where customers no longer use your services.

Hiring the wrong person can destabilize your business. This will result in financial losses for your business. These can be avoided by a simple pre-employment screening check.

Reduces the Cost of Replacement

Hiring a candidate without conducting the proper pre-employment verification may cause you to end up with a candidate who can’t do what their resume says they can do. The result of this is that they’ll be unable to fulfill their tasks as required. Your business will suffer from their lack of productivity, as you may have to fire them and then repeat the recruitment process, spending more money and time.

With pre-screening checks, you’ll be able to verify a candidate’s credentials and ascertain that they can do what they say they can do. This will help you save on valuable training time. You can also see if a potential new hire is job hopping often and can’t seem to make a job stick.

Employee Recruitment

Affordable Background Checks has You Covered

When looking to hire candidates, it’s important that you conduct extensive screening tests. These checks don’t have to be expensive. At Affordable Background Checks, we believe in helping businesses hire only the best talent without breaking their banks. Call us today for pre-employment verification, and we’ll get you the best results in the shortest time possible.

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