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Health Care Workers

The Importance of Running a Background Check on Healthcare Workers

Employers are being regulated by federal and state-mandated regulations to ensure that they use the best practices to hire professionals with the necessary background check.‏ During the hiring process, only properly-vetted employees in the health sector who have gone through a reliable background check by health care professionals can be trusted with patient care.

Irrespective of proper credentials and training, which are needed for employees in the health care sector, new hires must possess a background devoid … Read More

Remote Hiring

How Background Screening Helps in Improving Remote Candidate Experience

The process of running a background check on interested candidates is a vital part of the recruitment process of any company that wishes to retain and enhance its image. When recruitment also includes remote candidates, conducting a background check is doubly important.

The Importance of Conducting a Background Check on Applicants

You intend to entrust private information about your company to anyone you hire. You probably will provide an employee with an office computer and data-sensitive passwords to systems. … Read More

Background Check Legal Complications

Tips to Avoid Legal Complications While Running a Background Check

When it comes to recruiting new staff in a firm, there are vital parts of the process that should neither be ignored nor handled carelessly. One of these is the employee background check.

An employee background check is an integral part of the recruiting process in any organization that should not be taken with levity. It involves the legal and official process of enquiring reliable sources, about the records and stories of the applicant and soon-to-be employee, with … Read More

Background Check

How Far Does a Background Check Go to Unearth the Truth?

Many companies perform background checks before hiring someone. It is essential to determine that they are trustworthy and that they have been truthful in their resume and application. Some companies, such as financial institutions or those who work with children have rules about potential employees in place to protect coworkers and clients alike. Running a background check is essential to make sure that these individuals meet the minimum standards to work for a company.

Although we mostly think of companies … Read More

Juvenile Crime

Do Crimes Committed as a Juvenile Turn Up in a Criminal Background Check Report?

Crimes committed as a juvenile show up in criminal background reports in some instances while in other instances they don’t. As young persons below the age of 18 years engage in criminal activities, they are documented in what is called a juvenile record.

A juvenile record includes all documents held by the courts, the police department, the district attorney, and probation department for any criminal activity in which anyone under 18 for most states where the crime took place. … Read More

Background Check Report Check

Repair These Common Background Check Flaws to Avoid Costing Yourself a Job

Chances are if you’ve ever applied for a job, you’ve agreed to having a background check conducted. Most hiring processes include some form of pre-employment screening as a measure to protect their assets and other employees. About 70 percent of U.S. employers conduct background checks. Unfortunately, shoddy companies will regularly exploit the lack of industry regulation by over-charging for sloppy reports, costing individuals their employment, or credit.

If this has ever happened to you, or you want to … Read More

Health Care Professionals

Legalities of Criminal Background Checks for Healthcare Employers

Healthcare employers should understand that pre-employment screening is very important during the hiring process. In order to avoid any mistake in hiring doctors, nurses, nurse aides, or any other health care professional, it is very important that you conduct criminal background checks first.

Criminal background checks should be done in a thorough screening process with the help of a professional or a comprehensive background checker in order to have a safe healthcare environment for your employees and patients. … Read More

Background Check

Everything You Need to Know About National Background Check

Employers and companies often use a background check as part of their screening process in the pre-employment stage of recruitment. Background checks are created to provide businesses and individuals alike the tool to make sound and better recruitment decisions, verifying information available on individuals. These checks can be at the county, state, national, or federal levels.

A background check is a request for information on an individual’s past. Most of the time, this request covers criminal Read More

Boss Introducing New Employee

Types of Background Checks that You Can Do for Your New Hires

There are several kinds of background checks that can be performed for new hires, some more relevant than others depending on the type of job. It is a good idea to be aware of the kinds of background checks available so you can select those most appropriate for your workplace.

Also, always be sure to consult your local laws and regulations to be sure you’re within your legal scope. Laws vary from state to state so general guidance … Read More

Background Check

Reliable Traits of an Authorized Background Check Company

You know it’s important to run background checks on potential employees, but with all the options out there for background screening services, it can be hard to tell which ones are going to work the best for you and your company’s specific needs. While we can’t answer that question definitively, as it will depend on your personal and professional preferences and needs, we can give you an idea of some things you should be looking for no matter … Read More