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Background Check Time Limitation

How Far Back Can a Background Check Go?

Background checks have been around for many years. The efficiency of these checks has become much better as time has passed. There are several reasons you would ask for a background check, and there are several different aspects to the check itself.

Details of the background check and how far back do background checks go are all questions that come up. Let’s discuss the answers to these questions and learn more about background checks.

The Importance of Background Checks

Before getting into the different types of background checks and how far we can go back with them, let’s discover who benefits from conducting these Inquiries.

  • Employee Hiring: Companies intrust property and sensitive data to workers. Depending on what type of industry, this sensitive data can not be allowed into the hands of those that cannot be trusted. Companies use background checks when hiring employees to guarantee they are taking on the most trustworthy of people.
  • Contract Hiring: Contractors are treated just as normal employees are, or maybe even more so. Companies use background checks to verify the trustworthiness of contractors.
  • Business Partners: Before going into business with others, many people choose to have background checks conducted on potential partners. This is common in business as large sums of money can be stolen by con artists pretending to be business persons.
  • Relationships: Another reason for background checks is when someone is about to make long term relationship decisions with a partner. Creating a long term relationship should not come with surprises like a history of abuse, drug-related issues, and other problems that are best discussed before entering into a marriage.

Types of Background Checks

Background checks came in many different types. Now that we know the importance of completing a background check let’s look at the various types available.

  • Criminal Records: As discussed, criminal history checks are what most people think of when they first hear background checks. Investigating someone’s criminal past can turn up prior arrests, convictions, time served in prison, and if the person is a registered sex offender.
  • Marriage/Divorce Records: The knowledge if someone has been divorced or is currently married for those in a new relationship is priceless. With today’s technology, background checks can keep you from wasting your time in a new relationship that involves someone lying about their marital status.
  • Contact Information: Another essential background check is the verification of address, address history, phone numbers, email, and social media profiles. This check is especially useful for those thinking of going into business with someone or before lending credit to others.
  • Asset Records: These types of records found in a background check find all of the assets owned or claimed to be owned by someone. Boats, houses, land, and other assets can be proven through this check.
  • Bankruptcy Records: Before going into business or starting a relationship with someone, this background check to find past bankruptcies will save you a headache later down the road.
  • Legal Judgments: Has the person you are conducting a background check on ever been sued or had a judgment placed upon them by a court? A legal judgment check searches for this type of information.
  • Birth Records: This check will help determine if someone is who they say they are.
  • Personal Details: Checking someone’s personal details will find out about their education, previous jobs, marital status, and income.

Background Check Time Limitations

With all of the background checks above, there are some limitations on how far back in time you can go. For criminal history checks, it depends on the state of origin. Some states allow 10 years of criminal history to be divulged why others are 7 years.

Personal details, birth records, marriage and divorce records, and contact information are usually available at all times. Financial records of bankruptcies, judgments, and asset checks can be limited to a few years, depending on the state.

Hiring Employee After Background Check

How To Have A Background Check Completed

When the time comes for a background check, you can trust us at Affordable Background Checks to give you the most accurate information for your needs. Whether going into business with others, getting married, or hiring employees, our services will find any hidden knowledge that has been kept from you. Contact us today to get started with a background check.

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