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Hiring Employee

How Can Effective Background Checks Protect Your Company’s Reputation?

In today’s technology-driven world, it’s critical that employers take reputation management seriously. This includes the actions of professionals across all levels of the company, from the CEO to front-line workers to drivers on the road. Managing your company’s reputation can save you thousands of dollars in lost customer revenue and even lawsuits.

As an employer, you know that your employees are direct representatives of your company and your company’s values. The decisions that your employees make while wearing your uniform will not reflect solely on them but also on you. This makes hiring a new employee a potentially risky venture.

If you are a business with high turnover, you are especially at risk of selecting a few bad apples from the pool simply because they aced the resume and initial interview. There are several ways, therefore, that a background check can help screen applicants for red flags and markers of a poor cultural fit. All of these come together to build and maintain a solid, customer-friendly reputation for your business.

Prevent Issues Before They Arise

Pre-employment screening is a crucial proactive tactic to protect your company’s reputation before a risk is hired in the first place. Through careful background checks, employers can determine whether an employee fits the vital standard of the company’s values, from actions as an employee at previous companies to private interactions that are revealing of character.

Additionally, social media screening can reveal whether a prospective employee has a history of violent, racist, or otherwise undesirable statements that may make them a reputation risk to your company.

Create a Safer Workplace

Workplace violence may not be excessively common in most areas, but it is a threat that should be taken seriously. Not only is workplace violence dangerous and damaging to the employees and/or customers involved, but one outburst too many can leak onto social media, through word of mouth, and even the news. If your company is known for a culture of workplace violence, you’re going to have a hard time maintaining an employed crew and a loyal customer base.

Background screening can help. In addition to criminal backgrounds, professional screens scan for the person’s overall character across education, employment, and social media to reveal a larger pattern. This builds a comprehensive picture of a person. Someone who has a high moral character overall is a person less likely to commit workplace violence. This can give you peace of mind going forward in knowing that if something were to go wrong, you’ve done all you could to ensure the safety of your workers.

Build a Culture of Trust

With continued practice, background checks in a given workplace can help to build a sense of community. Everyone in the organization has passed the initial background check, which helps put minds at ease from the start. This leads to natural trust and team building, wherein employees learn they can depend on each other and you. Your commitment to safety in the workplace will further encourage feelings of safety, positivity, and improved customer and interdepartmental relations.

Find Skills That Complement Your Business

Reputation building and management starts with you and extends to your employees. Personnel behavior is a big factor to consider. However, not only is personality important but so are applicable skill sets and prior experience or a willingness to learn. A background check can further boost your reputation by making sure you only hire applicants who truly have the skills and experience you need.

If a person purports on their resume to have ten years of experience doing X, Y, and Z, but their background check reveals they only have three years of experience doing Z, you’ve dodged a major bullet. Not only have you rooted out a proven lie, but you have avoided the costly training period for a candidate who may be fired due to inadequacy at the job months down the road.

Pre-employment Screening

Affordable Background Checks Can Help

If you’re an employer looking to screen your latest round of applicants without breaking the bank, Affordable Background Checks can help. We offer a full range of background check services, from criminal records to legal judgments to asset and bankruptcy reports. Keeping your company’s reputation impeccable and managing risks before they are hired is what we do best.

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