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Online Background Check

Why an Online Background Check is the First Choice For Legitimacy

The need for a background check can arise in many various situations. One of the most common scenarios is when an employer wants to hire a new individual. Other situations that may require a background check include verifying information for volunteers of various programs and fulfilling legal obligations to do so.

Technology has allowed us many advances in terms of identifying, researching, and even locating people for varied reasons. The ability to perform an online background check has made this specific process much quicker and easier. These checks can be done in complete privacy with almost instant results. In the past, these checks could take days or even weeks to see results. Now, this information is available in minutes. The team at Affordable Background Checks believes that a high cost should not prevent anyone from doing the necessary research on an individual. We offer comprehensive background checks at budget-friendly prices. We also provide high quality, completely thorough results. Let’s discuss some of the benefits and expectations of an online background check.

What Can You Expect in Your Background Check?

Our reports cover a wide variety of topics and include all the essential information you need when researching a particular individual. We provide these extensive reports by accessing a massive database for each request. You can expect the following information:

  • Contact Information: We provide the person’s full name, current address, as well as previous, phone numbers, social media profile information and email.
  • Birth Records: Affordable Background Checks can give you detailed information about where a person was born (hospital, city, state, etc.).
  • Personal Details: This includes age, occupation, income, education information, and family members.
  • Marriage and Divorce Records: You can find out about current or previous marriages and divorces.
  • Asset Information: We provide details related to an individual’s assets, which include ownership of property, businesses, vehicles, and even aircraft.
  • Legal Judgements: Through our reports, you can see if a person has had any legal judgements as well as the details related to each.
  • Bankruptcy Records: Financial information is listed, including any bankruptcy information.
  • Criminal Records: One of the most serious pieces of background information is an individual’s criminal record. Do they have one? Have they been arrested? Are there active warrants or charges filed against them? Are they registered as a violent or sex offender?
  • Verification Information: Our services also include information verification. It is important to verify the accuracy and honesty of the information given to you by a potential new hire. We access a national database that can confirm the information is 100%

Having access to a background check in a timely manner is extremely important in any situation. Employers who need to hire immediately must verify the information provided by the applicant as well as make sure there are no areas of concern or red flags in the person’s history. Those who wish to volunteer for programs in various locations such as schools, daycares, home health situations, and others must also be deemed safe, trustworthy, and reputable. While no one can predict the future, a comprehensive background check can provide valuable information about a person and key points of interest from their past.

Benefits of a Background Check

There are many benefits to performing a background check, which include:

  • Locate discrepancies or information that was omitted by potential employees
  • Save money on training by seeing previous experience and performance
  • Be at ease by eliminating concerns with safety, theft, and other criminal acts
  • Find the perfect fit for your team by reviewing personal information and qualifications

HR Applicant Discussion

We strongly believe in compiling thorough background checks that give you all the necessary information needed to make informed decisions during the hiring process. Our comprehensive services cover everything from employee pre-screening background checks to verification services. We even offer a detailed people finder to locate someone quickly and accurately. Our team works fast and efficiently, while guaranteeing your complete satisfaction. Affordable pricing allows us to gain access to the information you need without sacrificing the quality of your results. These reports are always anonymous, so only you are aware that the research was done. Don’t delay any longer; conduct a background check to put your mind at ease and protect your business. Visit to receive results in minutes!

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